When did stylish workspaces become a ‘thing’? Since the trend toward working from home REALLY took off, that’s when.

If you work from home, it’s important to ensure you have access to a dedicated workspace, which enables you to get things done to the best of your ability.But what about stylish workspaces?

Working from home isn’t about lounging around in your pyjamas until midday and balancing your laptop on your knees. It’s vital to ensure that your home office or studio delivers on every level.

If you’re looking for some design tips, here are some hot trends to try now:

stylish workspaces

Stylish Workspaces: Minimalist

If you’re super-organised and you hate clutter, this could be the perfect option for you. Minimalist designs are all about maximum impact with minimum effort.

Think simple colours and shades, clean lines and as much empty wall and floor space as possible. You don’t have to create a boring or drab room to embrace the minimalistic trend.

You can use simple accessories, such as a rug and plant pots to add interest and you can also mix and match patterns and prints, such as graphic lines, grids and chevrons, to make your office look funky and fresh.

If you are going for this trend, keep things simple when it comes to furniture. Opt for a sleek desk and a chair combo and stylish, fuss-free storage.

stylish workspaces

Stylish Workspaces: Rustic

Do you love the idea of being cosy and comfortable while you’re working? The rustic trend is an excellent option for those who live in cooler climes, but there are ways of catering for all seasons.

You can go for a chic Scandinavian vibe if it’s warm and sunny outside with throws chucked over the back of bucket chairs and mismatched monochrome rugs on a wooden floor or opt for a more traditional approach with a statement fireplace and rich colours on the walls.

If you are thinking about overhauling the fireplace and you’re looking to find out more about Illusion Fires, it’s worth doing a bit of research online, reading some reviews and browsing different designs.

Solid wood desks are an excellent choice for a rustic feel, and they work well with leather chairs and wall-mounted bookshelves.

stylish workspaces

Stylish Workspaces: Retro

Are you a fan of 60’s, 70’s or 80’s style? Retro themes seem to come back around all the time, and whatever era you choose, you can come up with a design that looks cool and fresh even in the modern day.

For a retro feel, consider opting for a bold colourway, statement pieces of furniture and accessories that will transport you back in time immediately.

Oranges, browns and yellows work well for 80’s style while diner-style leather chairs and finishing touches like classic radios are perfect for a 70’s theme.

Are you planning to create new stylish workspace at home or is your existing office crying out for a makeover?

If you’re looking to create a stunning room, which is also a perfect base for business or creative pursuits, why not try out one of these trends?

You can mix and match if you’re after a more eclectic, quirky look or personalise the space to make it unique.

stylish workspaces

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