Stylish renovation ideas are just as important for the exterior of your home as the interior. But sometimes we get so carried away wth interiors that the front of our home may suffer.

Let’s face it: first impressions matter. You might not care what someone is wearing when you meet them for the first time. However, it would be a lie to say that you don’t notice if someone has dirty fingernails or if they could do with popping a breath mint into their mouths. And the same is true for the outside of your home.

It doesn’t need to look perfect or be to everyone’s taste, but it needs to be clean, sleek, and stylish to demonstrate to people that you take pride in where you live. Here are some tips to help…

Stylish Renovation Ideas: Repaint Your Front Door

If your front door is starting to look dingy and dim then it’s time to change that. If it lets cold breezes in, then why not go for an insulated double glazed door? If you prefer the look of a wooden door, then a lick of paint will work absolute wonders in making it look a lot more fresh and beautiful.

Black looks glossy and official, but if you want to add a little more style to your home, go for flashy red (it’s said to attract wealth) or maybe even a bright buttercup yellow. And have you ever thought of painting your front door pale pink? It works.

stylish renovation ideas

Paint by Taubmans. Styling by Three Birds

stylish renovation ideas

Red doors attract wealth, according to Taubmans.

Stylish Renovation Ideas: Add Drapes To Your Windows

One way to make your house look warmer and more welcoming is to add some drapes to your windows. Blinds or net curtains can make your windows look a lot less dark – sometimes houses that don’t have anything up at the windows can look a little uninhabited! Plus if you have net curtains up, you won’t have to worry about any neighbours being able to see in. It’s a win/win situation.

stylish renovation ideas

Window Treatments from Zanui

Stylish Renovation Ideas: Smarten Your Front Garden

If your front garden’s starting to look a little shabby, this is a good time of year to start making a change – the weather is milder than it was before so it’s a good time to get out there with your gardening gloves on. Rip up all the weeds but leave perennial plants as they will add a little greenery and colour all year around. If you don’t have any perennials (plants that are green all through the winter) then now is a good time to look into planting some.

If you have a water feature like a pond or fountain, make sure that you clean it up with a product like an Oase pondovac – you don’t want the water to look murky and scummy.

Stylish Renovation Ideas: Have Your Path Repaved

If your garden path is uneven and jagged, then not only does it look pretty ugly but it’s also an accident waiting to happen. Whether it’s when you’re rushing up it in the rain with armfuls of grocery bags or when your mother in law’s coming over to visit. Tripping over on your driveway or front path would be a pretty dire way to introduce someone to your house, and you could even get in legal trouble if someone injured themselves, so if it isn’t a safe space then it’s time to get it redone. Talk to local companies to get some quotes and ideas for how best you can make a change.

Home Styling Services

If you need a little styling and colour help for your home, then our sister site Don’t Call Me Penny has the expertise. They offer home styling, colour consultation, and design services to re-vamp and style up your home.

Header image courtesy of Morgan Howarth Photography

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