A stylish kitchen renovation often brings a lot of stress, hassle, and worry to anyone planning to take one on, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Even if you can’t afford to completely replace your kitchen, you can still have it looking ultra stylish in time for Christmas so you can blow your guests away. Here’s some tips on how you can achieve a stylish kitchen for festive celebrations.


Sinks can completely let down the design of a stylish kitchen. If you’re considering a kitchen renovation then a new sink should definitely be part of your plans. Now you can choose from porcelain, stainless, granite, concrete, copper, even wood. And they can be integrated, over-mount (above the counter top) or under-mount (below the counter-top).

If you opt for a concerete counter top then choose an integrated concrete sink. However, if your countertops are laminex, engineered stone, granite, marble, or even wood you’ll love the new GranitekSink from Artusi. Direct from Italy, the certified Granitek technology ensures the perfectly stylish and functional sink for the home chef or true cooking elitist.

stylish kitchen

AGS411B in set (LGQ100) $699.00 Incl. GST


stylish kitchen

AGS791B in set (LGQ130)- Black $799.00 Incl. GST


Of course, replacing sinks sometimes means that you will have to alter or replace your countertops. If you’re going down the route of replacing them, it doesn’t have to be as stressful as you might think. Check out http://worldofrenovation.com.au to see if you can find the perfect look for your kitchen.

Much alike replacing your sinks, replacing your countertops will make your kitchen seem like a whole new room. With many stylish designs available, you’ll no doubt wow any guests you have over this Christmas.

A product we love is Mirostone – an engineered stone that is 100% non-porous making it very hygenic. It comes in seven designer stone-effect colours from pure white to speckled grey. You can enquire here for more information.

stylish kitchen

Plush Design Interiors – Mirostone counter tops

Cupboard doors

Many people make the choice to simply replace their kitchen cupboard doors because they’re looking a little old and worn. Did you know, that with the right tub of paint you could have them looking brand new in no time?

Pair a lick of paint with some snazzy new handles and you would have cupboards that look brand new in your kitchen. Another bonus, less spending and effort for you!

If you are choosing to paint your kitchen cupboards yourself, it’s wise to completely take them off their hinges so you can make your paint job look professional. Check them out for any damage and paint in an enclosed environment free of dust and wind.

stylish kitchen

Plush Design Interiors


If your appliances still work perfectly but look a little outdated, don’t panic. You don’t have to replace them, but you can still have your dream kitchen. Simply buy doors that match your kitchen cupboard doors and hide your appliances to make them look like more cupboards.

If you had a brand new kitchen from a salesroom this is something that would be on offer anyway, so why not do it yourself?!

Try these four ideas in your kitchen and you will find yourself with a kitchen that’s looking completely brand new when in fact, all you’ve had to pay for is a sink, some countertops and a tub of paint! Add in some elbow grease and you will soon have the stylish kitchen of your dreams!9:00 am

Dazzle your guests this Christmas with a stylish new kitchen!

stylish kitchen

Plush Design Interiors

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