A stylish home office will help you transition from ‘working from home’ to ‘business owner’. There is nothing better than working out of a beautiful space… and no messy traffic commute. BooYaa!

If you’re a freelancer, or you work from home a lot, a stylish home office is an essential. It’s your own private and glorious space from which you can start world domination, right?

Even if you don’t have a whole room to dedicate to an office, an area of your living room or even your kitchen/bedroom can be just as ideal. Although, renovating a spare rooom or even the garage is the ultimate solution.

You can also create a stylish home office with a limited budget, making anything possible with a bit of creativity. Create your dream space with some of easy ideas.

stylish home office


Finding the right space

It’s important that your home office is somewhere quiet, free from distractions and easy to move around in.

Whether you live in a home in the suburbs or a stylish Insignia apartment in the city, a stylish home office can be a vital part of your home.

As mentioned above, a home office can be set up anywhere in your home. Using just a few pieces such as a stylish desk, lamp and shelves, you can hide yourself away in any part of your home to set yourself up for some work.

stylish home office


Make your desk your statement piece

The desk should be the focal point of your stylish home office, and this is where you can really show off your taste and style.

Of course, you can choose a stylish office desk easily from a store, but it’s far more fun to make your own. Ikea is a great place to pick up the components for your desk.

You can create one out of table tops, shelves, or mix and match from their own desk collections to create something more bespoke to you.

Mix woods with whites and metals, choose bright colored panels or go vintage with pretty details – make your desk a project to have fun with, and you’ll be more likely to enjoy working at it than if you buy just any old desk from a store.

stylish home office


Show off your personality

One way to make your stylish home office truly your own is to add some personality. If you like black and white prints, inspirational quotes or pastels – incorporate them into your design.

Make the most of all the available space that you have including your walls, and you’ll create something worthy of Pinterest in no time.

stylish home office

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Keep it neat

Offices can spiral out of control quickly, with paper, notes, and literature strewn all over the place.

Just as you would in a large office, keep your desk area tidy and ensure that you have plenty of storage to keep things neat.

If your office is in a more visible part of your home such as your living room, keeping it tidy will make sure the rest of the room will stay nice too.

Try and set yourself some office hours so that you know that when you’re done, it’s time to pack up and venture into the rest of your home.

Vintage pieces are an excellent way to create a stylish home office. Find out where to get them in this easy to read guide and enjoy picking out some fantastic pieces from your home.

Let’s just hope you’re not too busy admiring your lovely new space to get some work done!

stylish home office

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