If you’ve got a stylish garden, chances are that you spend a lot of time in it. It’s just a natural place to go.The outside beckons us, with longer days providing more sun and the warmer weather becoming a pleasant distraction when the summer months hit.

It’s different to the pace of life indoors, and that’s what makes it novel – so we need our gardens to provide all that they can and a little bit more. However, not everyone has the stylish garden they desire. So how can they get one?


stylish garden

Maintain A Stylish Garden All Year

It’s no fun going into a garden when it’s in a state of disrepair. Control it all the way through the year with a lawn care calendar so you know what to do and when.

When it comes to watering, a good lawn requires a whole lot more than simply that. There are different types of grass that provide a different look depending on your garden – highly manicured, rustic, native, etc. They also need different amounts of water, can be drought and pet resistant, and others grow well under the shade of trees.

There are also different colours to the grasses from deep green to pale green. If your stylish garden is themed around colour then it’s important to research the plethora of grasses that are available.

Check out their usefulness for different uses including pets and rough games (such as home football and cricket) or just looking pretty.

The maintenance of your shrubs, flowers and any other greenery is also important so that you have less to do in the months that matter.


stylish garden

Gather Stylish Garden Inspiration

Any theme can work within a garden – as long as you can make it work for you. Drawing inspiration from sites like Pinterest can be great motivation, but there are just as good and stylish points for you to pick up from garden centre websites and DIY stores.

It’s worth remembering that these are the places that have to rely on keeping up with the latest trends in order to sell their products.

Go For A Practical Stylish Garden

While it’s all well and good to admire fashionable trends and using them in a stylish garden, you also have to consider having furniture that’s practical.

If you can’t make use of your outdoor furniture, then you won’t spend much time in the garden unless you lie on the grass. Dainty little chairs that can’t take the weight of someone other than a child are fairly useless. Simialrly, tables that you can’t put drinks onto because they’re for decoration purposes only should not be included in the social area.

When taking into account how much space you have, remember that you can build up as well as across; utilise everything that is available to you.


stylish garden

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Bold

No great stylsh garden every popped up because someone was wanting to keep things low-key – even minimalism was a bold statement against the growing fashion of clutter.

Don’t be afraid to try new things with your garden, and treat it as a work in progress always; there will forever be something new to add, and you can change it up year on year to create the perfect space for you and your friends.

stylish garden

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