Stylish accessories abound as there is now more choice than ever from jewellery and accessories designers across the world. But if you have a limited budget, what are the best stylish accessories you should be buying?

Just because you’re in an office everyday, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look fabulous. And if you’re meeting clients, representing the company, or working for yourself, you need to look professional with selected stylish accessories at all times.

Professional doesn’t mean boring nor does it mean masculine. Too many women think that they have to look and act masculine to get ahead in a man’s world. Whilst there is still a long way to go in terms of pay equality, many professional women are being acknowledged for their unique contributions across many industries.

In the past, the  need to appear more like a man when working in a man’s world was necessary – look at power suits of the eighties, and the looks inspired by military uniforms in the fifties. But now, you can be as feminine and chic as you want.

Wear heels, jewellery, even head to toe pink if you want to channel Lady Penelope. Be yourself and look fabulous no matter what you do.

 stylish accessories

Stylish Accessories – Earrings

Try and keep your earrings understated. Large hoops or chandelier earrings are better suited for nights out and events. In the workplace, you don’t want to look overdressed, or have too much that distracts from you.

Simple studs or small dangles are perfect for any work outfit, look at the collection in Ivy Dayelle’s shop for ideas and inspiration. To avoid reactions to your skin, it’s always best to buy silver of gold earrings.

Stylish Accessories – Bracelets

Given a wide range of additional accessories and designs in women’s jewelry, there are a myriad of ways to wear a bracelet. First, ensure you choose a bracelet that fits you perfectly. Unlike rings, resizing bracelets is less common.

Ensure you stick to one style that suits your personality. Matching necklaces and bracelets are popular, but ensure these accessories are made of similar materials. For instance, you can choose bracelets made of argyle pink diamonds to match with rings made of the same material.

When you wear a bracelet with a watch, ensure the watch is on your non-dominant hand to minimize the chances of damage. Wear the bracelet on the other hand.

You should also consider different styles. Beaded bracelets create an ultra-feminine look, and it can be complemented with a beaded necklace. A charm bracelet enables you to personalize or celebrate a special occasion.

The cuff design adds edginess to your sophisticated look. It’s perfect when teamed with a t-shirt and jeans combo.

stylish accessories

Stylish Accessories – Necklace

You should always match your necklace to your neckline. A big, chunky collar isn’t for everyone, but can work wonderfully with a round or boatneck neckline. For shirts and blouses, try a simple drop necklace ending at your collarbone or just above your cleavage.

You don’t want to draw attention to your boobs, but the V created will elongate your neck and broaden your shoulders. Keep the charm or jewel classy – avoid an excess of gems and your name written in cursive.

Match the colour of the metal with the rest of your jewelry. If you work in a role with machinery or young children – forgoing the necklace might be the best idea.

stylish accessories

Stylish Accessories – Rings

Keep it minimal. One or two on each hand is perfect – but it’s an idea to keep your right hand free of bulky rings, or completely clear. This is the hand you’re going to greet people with, and those rings might irritate them when you shake their hand, and if you’re greeting someone who squeezes their shake then it’s just going to hurt you.

If you’re married, then don’t overload your left hand with other rings. Always buy good quality metal rings to avoid that green-ring reaction. However, in the case of non gold or silver rings, you can simply paint the inside of the ring with clear nail varnish and avoid the staining reaction.

stylish accessories

Stylish Accessories – A Watch

When it comes to your wrists, so many people make the mistake of wearing bulky bangles just to have to take them off when typing at their computer; then dig into the wrist so much. Keep it simple with a small bracelet that sits snugly against the wrist and a watch.

Olivia Burton watches are perfect, simple and elegant, and are a great finish to your professional look. Avoid wearing hair ties on your wrist as they make you appear ‘unfinished’, and things like festival bands just look unprofessional and might not send the right signal to your clients.

If you use a fitness watch, like a fitbit, then consider switching to one that blends in well as a watch, or that clips discreetly to your waist or bra strap.

stylish accessories

Stylish Accessories – Bags

As a finishing touch to an outfit, the right bag is perfect. It’s likely that you are toting around documents, a tablet or laptop, lunch and all the other necessary things to see you through the day. But that doesn’t mean that your bag shouldn’t be as chic and professional as the rest of your outfit.

If you meet clients away from the office, you might want to think about a smaller satchel or briefcase to take with you, that doesn’t have your three choices of lipstick in the pocket. Having an over-full and messy bag looks unprofessional, so go simple.

A beautiful briefcase or structured handbag should be all you need for your day.

stylish accessories

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