Who said style and safety are not a match made in heaven? Well, they were wrong!

Style and safety can work beautifully together when it comes to things for the inside of your home. If style is important to you, you can have a chic home that’s also protected from intruders. It’s possible if you consider the following three stylish safety features.

style and safety

Style and Safety : Shutters for your windows

Your windows provide intruders with a great way to see inside your home. After all, they can check who’s inside the property, and what items they might want to take. Therefore, it’s important that you block viewing by the outside world as much as possible. And while curtains and blinds can do the trick, they are not as good as shutters.

Shutters are an excellent, and stylish, way to protect your family. Strangers won’t be able to see inside your home, but you can still see out, and they are fantastic for blocking the sun. They can also guard against flying glass or entry into your home via a window if that’s how an intruder might try to gain acess. Not only are shutters great for safety, they are also fabulous for style. Plantation shutters add French or Island charm to a bedroom while filtering light. There are many great styles in different materials and

There are many great styles in different materials and colours; perfect for almost any home. Talk with a specialist provider or window treatment company as they will be able to advise and fit the right shutters for your needs, inside or outside the home.

style and safety

Style and Safety : Dimmers in your living room

Soft lighting and dimmers have always been popular but they are now gaining greater popularity. Dimmers are perfect for creating a romantic ambience, for use as a night light for children, and for watching movies. However, there is also another great purpose for dimmers – to deter intruders.

By using the dimmer function on lights when you are not home in the evening, the light will have intruders think you are home. Plus, the dimmer switch will save you money in electricity as it generates less power.

If you are wondering how to install the lighting, you can contact a residential electrician who will install it onto your current circuit. That way, you can enjoy dimmers safely in your home!

style and safety

Style and Safety : Add a clock with a CCTV function

It’s always fun to fill your interior with accessories, but not to over-clutter. While accessories give your home character, they can also add a pop of colour to rooms especially with pretty bright candles or a fantastic clock. And with some accessories, they also have additional features.

For example, you can now get clocks with a secret CCTV function. That way, burglars won’t know they are being filmed if they do break into your home. And you will have footage of the criminals you can hand over to the police! It’s also a good way to keep an eye on loved ones and young children.

And here’s something super fun; get vibrant, artistic, and pretty fire extinguishers which you can keep in your home as works fo art, or… in case of a fire!

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