We all need some stress relief especially after a hard day at work. Your home should be a welcoming and relaxing space that reinvigorates its occupants. So you love these stress relief ideas specifically for your home.

The ultimate stress relief is a happy home. You can inject laughter and fun, however your home can offer a platform for stress relief with 17 easy, and cheap, ideas. Bring it on!

Stress Relief 101

  1. Jump into bed

Sometimes after a long day, you just need your bed. Dive under the covers and hide away from the world, you could watch some Netflix or just get an early night. You’re sure to feel better by the next day. If your mattress is past its best, consider upgrading.

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  1. Pile on soft furnishings

Pillows, cushions and throws are ultra comfy. Pile them onto your bed and sofa, you could even use them as a way to bring in some colour too. Pastel shades such as pink, lilac and lemon yellow are all shades that work well for spring.

  1. Get the lighting right

The right lighting will set the ambience in the room. Smart light bulbs allow you to set the warmth and brightness right from your phone or voice activated speaker. Once the sun has gone down in the evening, you need good home lighting.

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Haipot Pendant Light by Dyberg Larsen

  1. Think about fragrance

If you want to create the ultimate cosy atmosphere then scent should play a big part in this. Scented candles, reed diffusers and air fresheners can all be used. Light florals and fruit scents are ideal for this time of year.

  1. Upgrade your bathroom

A new bath mat, some soft towels and candles will all spruce up your bathroom, and make getting a bath or shower in the evening feel really luxurious. Some bath oils or nice scented products are also a good addition in here.

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  1. Get the temperature right

Ceiling fans, open windows and AC can all help to set an ambient temperature allowing you to fully enjoy your home.

  1. Lay rugs

If you have hard flooring such as wood, tiles or laminate, they can feel hard underfoot. Area rugs are practical and look nice too.

  1. Buy new pyjamas

Light cotton pyjamas will help to keep you cool yet comfortable as you relax on the sofa or in bed after a long, hard day.

  1. Check your air conditioning

After a long cold winter, it’s been a while since any of us have used our air conditioning. Fire it up and test that it’s working correctly before the really hot weather sets in.

  1. Invest in a generator

If your power is knocked out due to storms, you could be left without AC or electricity for a hours or even days. Go to a generator supplier and invest in a model that will keep your home powered during emergencies.

  1. Cook comforting dinners

Spend time in your kitchen this spring and summer, rustle up some fresh yet delicious comfort food. You could enjoy with your family or have friends over for a dinner party.

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  1. Buy a coffee machine

Most coffee machines also make delicious iced tea and coffee- the perfect refreshing way to unwind after a long day.

  1. Consider a patio heater

We might be heading into the warmest months, but it can still be quite chilly in the evenings. If you want to be able to enjoy your garden all year, a patio heater or fire pit is a good investment. And ideal if your spring and summer barbeques stretch out right into the evening!

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  1. Look into smart home

Companies like Hive give you the option to adjust your AC right from your phone, perfect for keeping your house the right temperature without having to fiddle with a thermostat.

  1. Use thick curtains

Hanging thick curtains at your windows and keeping them drawn during the day will prevent your home from heating up too much. So when you get home you can relax without feeling too warm.

  1. Buy a new sofa

The sofa is the perfect place for lounging- a high quality piece that’s nice and large will mean you always have somewhere comfy to sit and catch up with your TV shows after you’ve had a tough day.

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  1. Upgrade your insulation

If your budget is bigger and your house is in need of fixing up, energy efficient windows and insulating the walls and roof aren’t just good for keeping your home warm in winter. They also help it to stay cool in the spring and summer too! The insulation and efficient windows prevent too much heat from penetrating.

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