Stay toasty, cozy, warm, snuggly, cuddly over winter. Whatever you call it, why not do it green?

Summer’s over and we’re all struggling to find ways to keep warm and stay toasty without spending too much money on heating bills and electricity. The winter chill can be pretty devastating and it’s not uncommon to fall ill during this harsh period. With the autumn leaving us and winter getting into full-swing, it’s only going to get worse.

Going green is perhaps one of the biggest decisions you could make if you’re focusing on lifestyle changes. It’s a great way to contribute to the environment as a whole and also save money. However, there are times when making the switch can be difficult because we’re so used to creature comforts like central heating. The purpose of this article will be to show you how it’s actually quite easy and cheap to stay warm during the winter, even if you’re not willing to turn on the central heating.

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Stay Toasty by Building Up Body Heat

Exercise is one of the fastest ways to build up body heat which also contributes to making us feel warm. If you’ve ever sweat after a workout during other months, then the principle is the same.

You work out and build up your body heat so that you don’t feel the effects of the cold anymore. If you already stick to a regular workout, then you’ll probably notice that you feel a lot more comfortable despite sweating a little after working out. If you don’t get regular exercise, then perhaps it’s time to switch to healthier habits!


stay toasty

Stay Toasty by Eating More Hot Food

Embrace your favourite hot drinks and comfort foods. Soups are fantastic at keeping you warm, hot chocolate, tea and coffee are fantastic body-warming drinks and a lovely plate of pasta smothered in a light and cream-free sauce is the perfect way to increase your body’s temperature.

Try to stay away from cold drinks, ice cream and chilled snacks as much as possible. Drink herbal ta with honey, lemon or fresh ground ginger.


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Stay Toasty by Purchasing a Hot Water Bottle

Hot water bottles are simple, effective and timeless. Get a good-quality hot water bottle with a soft and furry pouch to place it in and cuddle up to it at night or whenever you feel cold.

Stay Toasty by Stopping the Drafts

You can’t tell your side of the planet to stop cooling down, but you can tell the drafts to stop invading your home. Block up any kind of holes in your home by sealing up doors, windows and looking for places where drafts are creeping in.

A good way to prevent this is to install internal shutters to block out any kind of wind. Shutters also help to keep the cool away and keep the warmth in. You could also do this by replacing thin curtains with thicker ones. It serves the same purpose, although they’re a little harder to clean and maintain.


stay toasty

Stay Toasty by Throwing a Party

Need an excuse to throw a party? How about staying warm? The more people there are in the room, the more heat is radiated from your bodies, making the entire room nice and toasty.

Of course, you don’t need to tell people you’re throwing a party for the sake of body heat and staying warm, it’s just a nice additional side effect.

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