Spring jackets may be on your mind in the Northern Hemisphere as Spring is most definitely in the air. Whilst we may not be ready to put away our snuggly warm winter coat, it is time to start considering our go-to companion for the warmer weather.

So check out our brilliant guide to the ultimate spring must have, the lighter jacket, and get ready to ditch the bulk and step out in style this season.

As the weather starts to change we get warmer but wetter weather.  Owning good rainproof spring jackets ensures you won’t get caught short in the April showers.  The wardrobe must-have for this kind of weather is the trench coat and there are countless ways of styling this little legend up, or down.

spring jackets

Opting for a neutral colour is a great way to ensure you can throw it on, no matter what you are wearing.  Camel is a very popular go-to for the celeb elite as it’s versatile and compliments almost any colour combination.  It also gives you that break from black and makes you feel a little lighter with the season.  Go for an above the knee length but keep aim for the hem to skim just over your knee, this adds a classy look to most outfits.  You can tie it tight at the front, or leave it open and bow the ties at the back, this can help give you a little more shape around your waist.

Military style is perfect for the trench so consider choosing a deep green if you want to stick close to your black comfort zone. Or step it up a little with a rich maroon that can add elegance to your Spring look.  Most trench coats don’t come with an umbrella and are only designed to be resistant to the rain, not completely waterproof, which means you can glam it up with an umbrella or a fedora.

spring jackets

If you really want to get into the spirit of spring jackets then opt for a statement trench or some colour pop.  Pink brights can really add zing to your wardrobe and put a smile on your face whatever the weather.  Just make sure you enjoy standing out from the crowd because a coloured trench or jacket will get you noticed!

The good old fashioned denim jacket has been gracing the back of rock and punk legends since before you were born.  Whilst there are few water proof versions of this icon, you probably won’t care! Denim is about a statement, we are young, free and don’t care.  So find your fit and step out, whatever the weather.  In the past, double denim was a sin, but those who adore this material tend not to follow the trend, they create it. As such there has been a rise in denim-on-denim styling with different texture and cuts to compliment all shapes and sizes.

spring jackets

The look should be effortless cool with a little attitude thrown in, so get your sleeves rolled up.  Folding or pushing the sleeve up to your elbow adds a little extra air of ‘chill out’ to your style.  You dress up your work outfit by adding a few accessories too, if you want to make a statement to the world!

The next step from Denim is the biker look.  Wearing leather gives a little nod to the rebel in you.  Short cropped jackets can look as cool as the little black jacket, but with more edge.  Go for crisp and clean or invest in the vintage look.  You will smell divine, especially in the rain!

spring jackets

If you want to go really high-end, designs from Belstaff will add an element of class to your look.  Leather isn’t the best waterproof material but buying from a brand who specialise in bike wear will open you up to the best weatherproof coats you can imagine.  You can opt for a lighter style with gentle detailing or get serious with a weighty number.  It won’t fail you from morning to night and looks super glam thrown over a little black dress and a pair of high heels.

spring jackets

Softer, light leathers look a little gentler and can take away from the badass attitude that the black, zipped looks can give.  There are a variety of feels too from really soft leathers that you can’t help but touch, to a harder tougher leather which is like added protection over your skin.  Invest in a good biker boot and team it with some skinny jeans for a perfect weekend shopping outfit.  Or make like Sandy from hit film Grease, and slip on your skin tight leather look pants and an off the shoulder top, with a pair of killer heels.  You’ll be warm, whilst giving the world chills.

Over winter you may have fallen in love with goose or duck down so much, you aren’t quite ready to say goodbye.  We don’t blame you! What could be more perfect than stepping out in something that feels like a big warm hug from your Dad?  For spring jackets you can strip it down by opting for a gillet.  This will give you all the warmth where you need it without the bulk of a full coat.

spring jackets

There are some heroes out there.  Moncler is a well known ski brand which has a price tag you would expect for the skiing elite. North Face offer a variety of weights for various different outdoor pursuits and have a brilliant colour range too, if you want to brighten up the streets on your way to work.  However high street brands are where it’s at for spring jackets.  Invest in the goods for winter then go a little easier on budget for Spring.  You won’t need as much protection from the elements so the quality of down doesn’t need to be as good.

Whatever style of coat you opt for, enjoy the feeling of a lighter life.  Get ready to say goodbye to it too, summer is heading our way slowly and we’ll be leaving our winter best friend in the wardrobe!

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