“Spring is sprung, the grass is riz; I wonder where the birdies is”

I love that tongue-in-cheek nod to the emergence of Spring; such a colourful season. So with Spring in full swing now, there’s never been a better time to start up your gardening hobby again. To give you some assistance, here are some of the must-do gardening tasks to ensure Spring is sprung at your house.

Spring is sprung

Watch for pests and deal with them appropriately

In Australia, we get a lot of common garden pests that can disrupt our plants, so it’s important to take care of the most common pests. Aphids are perhaps one of the most common ones and there are thousands of species, but only a few hundred of them are considered pests for your garden.

They love to feed on fruits and vegetables, and they can be controlled relatively easily although it’s best to get rid of them quickly because they can quickly reproduce.

Spring is also the season for codling moths. They start to emerge during the first two months of the season and you can expect to see two to three generations of the moths per year.

A natural predator to the codling moth is the Trichogramma micro wasp. They feed on the contents of moth eggs and deal with them in the most natural way possible. These micro wasps are one of the more beneficial insects to keep in your garden and don’t pose a threat to humans or our plants.

If you need help with pests, make sure you contact a local pest control service to give you advice and help you clear the garden.

Spring is sprung

Fertilise the plants and lawn to promote growth

When Spring is sprung it’s an important time during the lifecycle of your garden because it’s when your lawn starts to grow again after falling asleep during the winter. As the weather warms up, make sure you use an appropriate lawn fertiliser to help your lawn grow and also to assist in the growth of your plants, vegetables and fruits.

Plants typically use different types of nutrients, so it might be worth double-checking what type of fertiliser to use for different plants.

Different amounts of fertiliser will be required for plants that require high amounts of nutrients. For instance, vegetables and roses typically need more nutrients, so if the soil is low then it needs to be supplemented with more fertiliser.

However, do keep in mind that using too much can be harmful to your plants if you’re not careful.

Spring is sprung

Start planning your summer flowers and vegetables

Spring is a great time to start planning out what flowers and vegetables you want in the Summer. Since we’re already deep into the spring, it never hurts to prepare yourself.

If your dream garden is having many different plant types alongside fresh fruits and vegetables that you want to pluck and eat, then you need to put some effort into the planning phase.

The area you live in will have a drastic effect on the type of plants you can plan for. For instance, if you live in Coastal New South Wales or Sydney, then herbs like basil, coriander and mint are fantastic, and you can plant potatoes, spring onions and sweet potato.

If you live in subtropical areas like Northern New South Wales, then consider artichokes and tomatoes.

Spring is sprung

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