Spring clean help is at hand! When the weather warms up the first thing we want to do is throw open the windows, inhale the fresh air and get stuck in to ridding our homes of the clutches of winter.

Spring is upon us and so is big, fat spring clean help. At a time of warm weather and other spring delights, it’s also the time that many of us get stuck into a big spring clean.

We clear out our cupboards, move furniture and clean all those hard to reach places that are so often ignored. We brave the jobs that we’ve been putting off, and we scrub those places that are usually left forgotten.

If this is something that you only do once a year, the idea of cleaning your whole house can be a little overwhelming. So, here’s a spring clean help checklist of things to do.

Spring Clean Help: Declutter

The very first thing that you should do is a thorough declutter. Over the year we collect a lot of stuff. We hold on to rubbish and things that are broken, and our clutter builds up.

spring clean help

This clutter then becomes a home for dust, dirt and bacteria. It can even lead to mould growth and tripping hazards. So, get rid. Spend some time decluttering all of your rooms, getting rid of everything that you don’t need or want. This will also make cleaning a lot easier.

Spring Clean Help: Stock Up on Supplies

Once you’ve decluttered, you need to stock up on cleaning supplies. The last thing that you want is to find that you haven’t got what you need when you are halfway through a tough job.

Take a look at the cleaning supplies you’ve already got and stock up on anything that you need.

Spring Clean Help: Write a List

If you want your spring clean to be a success, you need to get organised. Instead of just cleaning randomly, without a plan, sit down and write a list for each room.

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Include the things that you don’t usually do, like wiping walls, dusting behind doors and moving furniture, as well as any deep cleaning jobs like removing mould from the bathroom or cleaning the grease from the range hood.

Spring Clean Help: Work Top to Bottom, Room to Room

When it comes to cleaning, the best thing to do is always work top to bottom. This way the dirt falls down as you go, and you’re not dirtying things that you’ve already cleaned.

So, start at the top. Wipe the ceilings, then the walls and high shelves, then any appliances and goods on the sides, and finally the floor.

spring clean help

Work one room at a time, decluttering, cleaning and tidying before you move onto the next.

Get Spring Clean Help

Sometimes, it’s just too much. You want to do a big fat spring clean, but you just haven’t got the time. You’re working, you’ve got a family to look after, and you can’t manage it all.

So, instead of paying with your time, pay with your money. Hire Uber Clean House home cleaning services to get the job done well, without stressing yourself out.

Keep on Top of Things

When you’ve put so much effort into cleaning your home and getting it just right, you don’t want to ruin it all by returning to bad habits as soon as it’s done. So, try to keep to a regular cleaning schedule to stay on top of things.

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