Do you have a spare room in your house? Could it be put to better use? These seven sensational ideas will inspire you to make better use of a spare room, or even spare space.

Many people have a spare room in their house. Perhaps because one of the kids has flown the nest. Or perhaps your loft or basement is just full of old junk. There are several reasons why space is being wasted.

So, what about you? If you do have a spare room, what are you using it for? If your answer is “not very much,” you might want to consider putting it to good use. Instead of letting the space go to waste, even for storage, think about yuor lifestyle.

Here are seven sensational you may not have thought of. Consider creating something that will benefit your life in the months and years ahead.

#1: Turn your spare room into… A Guest Bedroom

If you regularly have guests to stay, then why not create a room especially for them? With a comfortable bed and some attractive decor, you might give them the hotel experience. It sure beats designating them to the living room with a pull-out sofa or inflatable mattress.

Not only that, of course, but you and your guests will have a better sense of privacy with space from each other when needed. Check out our stylish guest bedroom ideas. Then get to work creating the kind of room that will give your guests a five-star experience.


#2: Turn your spare room into… A Dressing Room

Do you have more shoes and outfits than you can comfortably store in your closet and wardrobes? Then a dressing room is what you need. Create your own walk-in wardrobe for all of your clothes and beauty accessories.

Set up mirrors so you can check out how good you look as you mix and match your style. This can become your own personal style sanctuary, perhaps with some of these stunning dressing room ideas to maximise the space at your disposal.


#3: Turn your spare room into… A Home Office

It doesn’t matter whether you run a home business or not, a home office can have multi-purposes. Of course, if you do work from home, this will be an ideal space, away from any distractions around the rest of your house.

But it can also be used as a place for you or your family to study and do homework. Administrative duties you regularly do at home, such as paying your bills and managing your accounts, now have a home.

With a desk that offers plenty of storage, shelf space for your books, and room for necessary equipment, create the perfect space for any of your work needs.


#4: Turn your spare room into… A Games Room

For the young, and for the young at heart, this is an ideal way to keep you and your family entertained. Turn wasted space into a dedicated area for indoor sports-related activities. Things like a foosball table, darts board, and one of these fabulous Quedos pool tables will always be fun ways to relax.

If video games are more your thing, set it up with shelving for all of your games titles, a gaming chair, and a screen to play all of your favorite games on. For the serious gamers, try PC custom gaming for the ultimate in personalized gaming PCs.

Go old-school and add a retro arcade machine.  Alternatively, if you prefer board games to video games, then a table and chairs would come in handy. Install storage space for your favorite board games, and containers for extra dice and games counters.

This is a room perfect for you when you are in need of some downtime; perfect for your kids when they need entertaining; and perfect for you all to bond as a family, no matter what games you play.


#5: Turn your spare room into… A Home Cinema

Are you tired of paying cinema prices? Do you want a room that is geared towards your movie passion? Then a home cinema is just for you.

You’ll need;

  • a large-screen television or a projection screen on which to watch your favourite movies
  • a comfortable sofa big enough for your family, and friends
  • a mini fridge or popcorn machine to cater for refreshments
  • dimmers on all the lights

This will be the ideal room to unwind and get away from it all. Let yourself get caught up in the magic of cinema.

Just don’t forget the soundproofing, as your neighbors may not appreciate the sound of gun battles, car chases, or Hollywood love making as much as you do.


#6: Turn your spare room into…A Reading Room

If you are living with others, it can be difficult to find the space to relax and immerse yourself into your favorite literature. A reading room is the perfect place for you to get away from the television and the distracting conversation of others.

All you need is a comfortable armchair, a reading lamp behind you, and a bookshelf filled with the books of your choice. For extra comfort, add a drinks cabinet or classic bar cart. You can sip away on a glass of wine while you’re reading. And remember a footstool, so you can quite literally put your feet up!


#7: Turn your spare room into… A Home Workout Area

Exercise should be high on everybody’s agenda, but let’s face it, we can’t always be bothered paying the expense of a gym, and heading outside for a run on a cold day isn’t many people’s idea of fun.

spare room

A home workout area, then, is the obvious solution. Add such things as an exercise bike and/or a treadmill to improve your cardio and strengthen your leg muscles.

Or consider weight training if you want to work on your arms,  and/or a punching bag to help you let off steam. There are all kinds of things you can add, but you do need to ensure the room is fit for purpose.

These home gym design ideas will give you inspiration for your planning.


So, is it time you cleared out the junk and clutter of your spare room? It very well might be, especially if any of these ideas took your fancy.

Let us know what you think, and if you have used your spare room for any other purpose than a storeroom, please share your ideas with us.

Header Image: Photo by Alexandra Gorn on Unsplash

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