Of all the spaces in a modern home, a soothing garden can top them all. If you want to de-stress, then create your own outdoor haven.

There are many spaces in your house that lend themselves well to specific states of mind. Your living room lends itself well to being relaxed, or your garage is a great place for working out. So how is your soothing garden looking?

soothing garden

Is it a relaxing space, or is it a big pile of weeds and mess right now? A relaxing garden is a lovely respite, a place to escape to when you are feeling the pressures of the everyday world. So let’s get stuck in and give you some ideas for the most soothing space in your home.

soothing garden

Soothing Garden Ideas for Creating A Den of De-Stress

Go Green!

Getting as many flowers and plants is always a great idea, the various colors will relax you no end! But also you may want to consider getting some trees planted.

Granted, it may take a long time to give your garden that rustic feel, but you could purchase bonsai trees, which is a lovely and dainty approach to giving your garden a bit of color. If you want to go the whole hog, you could purchase some topiary shapes, or some Japanese maple.

soothing garden

But you could also hire a landscaping company to work wonders with your garden, have a look at some of the pictures from GetSoul.co.nz to get an idea of the grandiose display you can put in your garden.

Not only do flowers, trees, and topiary look great, but they provide that natural beauty that is the first essential element to get right when you’re making a soothing garden.

Special (and Spiritual) Features

If you want to create a soothing garden, you may want to provide a good focal point for contemplation or relaxation. If it floats your boat, you may want to get a sculpture of a Buddha or an angel, or you could look at these cool designs from wireart.co.nz made out of recycled fence wire, something a bit more artistic.

soothing garden

If this is not your cup of tea, you may want to think about bringing some more sounds into the garden. Something like wind chimes work beautifully.

Or if you want the sound of nature to enter your garden more, then try to encourage birds and bees to enter by planting whispering grasses and bee-attracting flowers.

soothing garden

Water Features

If the sound of running water relaxes you, you might want to invest in an elaborate water feature. Or if budget is an issue, then you could install a simple pond.

A pond can be small enough to contain some beautiful fish, like a carp, or you can use it as a place to sit and relax, with your feet in the water.

soothing garden

If you live in an area that more wet than dry, you may want to think about a lovely shelter. You could dedicate a corner of the garden to the rain, you could install decking, with a wooden shelter so you can sit and relax while not getting soaking wet.

Other ideas can include walkways, either made of concrete or wood. Or you could even introduce some luxurious scents, such as Jasmine, to add another layer of depth to your relaxation.

If you don’t have a soothing garden perfect for relaxation, hopefully some of these ideas will inspire you to make it a den of de-stressing.

soothing garden

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