Having a small home is a ‘trend’ for many people wanting to downsize or take their home ‘on the road’. That’s fine for them, but what about other people?

Let’s face it; astronomical property prices have forced many homeowners to reluctantly buy a small home. And given we live in an aquisitive world, many of us face a continued battle against limited space. Finding ways to win that war is imperative for a happy home life, and now is the time to start.

There are a variety of issues that could potentially stop you from gaining maximum enjoyment from a small home. However, being equipped with the knowledge to overcome them will suddenly put you back in control. Here’s what you need to know.

small home

Lack Of Floor Space

When living in a small home with limited floor space, you have to accept that some aspirations aren’t practical. Having a huge 12-seater dining table, for example, simply isn’t an option. Instead, opt for a smaller table that can be extended when guests come for dinner.

In fact, don’t buy bulky furniture at all. Mounting a television to the wall is a particularly sleek option. Not only does it claim back valuable floor space, it also has a huge impact on the perception of space.

Other small home tips;
  • choose glass surfaces for tables – dining, coffee, side tables – as a small home will look bigger with furniture you can see through
  • ensure furniture such as a sofa, accent chair, sideboard, bed, or dresser has legs. Your room will look bigger if there is space between the floor and the underside of the furniture
  • hang mirrors to reflect space and light
  • hang vertically striped wallpaper which will make ceilings appear higher
  • choose furniture in pale tones such as American Oak, natural pine, white, beige, pale blue, baby pink, etc (add colour with vibrant cushions and throws)
  • use open cage, wicker, or glass light shades instead of fabric, metal, or solid materials

small home

Negative Emotional Reactions

Feeling claustrophobic doesn’t only limit your opportunities, it can actively lead to emotional negativity. With this in mind, adding a sense of positivity to each room is crucial.

The best way to achieve this goal is to get painting the walls. Lighter shades instantly make a room feel bigger as they reflect the light. Moreover, they can add a sense of emotional warmth throughout the property. Don’t think only about white and beige.

Grab a colour wheel and see the amazing specrum of pastels you can choose – green, blue, yellow, pink, lavender, etc.

Of course, wallpaper is another option. Whatever you do, though, maximizing the perception of space is crucial.

Adding photographs and canvas art for decoration is a great way to further increase the feelings of positivity. If nothing else, it’ll make the home feel like yours. This in itself can have a telling influence on the way you interact with rooms.

small home

Too Hot Or Cold

As humans, we all have several basic needs. In addition to food and water, our bodies demand a comfortable temperature. This is especially true at home.

In theory, you’d think it would be easier to maintain a good level of heat and air circulation in a smaller home. On the contrary, it can be a particularly challenging aspect of living in a small home. Gaining the necessary support is key.

Nobody wants to waste huge sums of money on keeping the property hot or cold. Experts at Cooltone provide window tinting that can work wonders throughout both the winter and summer months. In turn, this can reduce the need for the expensive HVAC systems. Moreover, they’ll add a little extra privacy.

Just remember that it’s equally important to think about the insulation properties of the home. Problems with the roofing and structural areas can lead to a whole host of problems. Frankly, dealing with them before they escalate into something worse is essential.

small home

Limited Outside Space

It’s not only the internal areas that can cause a few issues. If the property itself is quite small, there’s a very strong chance that the outside areas will be too.

If you have a garden, a small decking area can be great. Meanwhile, this guide to perfecting your small balcony can add a whole new dimension to life in a small home. Aside from being a great place for spending time with friends and family, it can also be a place for relaxation and reflection. In today’s modern world, this can make a world of difference.

Even if the space is limited, having no walls or roof above you suddenly makes the world bigger and brighter. Given the limits of the internal areas, this has to be a positive influence.

small home


Utilizing floor space isn’t the only challenge for making a small room work. In truth, with little space to work with, it’s very easy for things to get cluttered. Once again, getting rid of unwanted goods is key, especially when you buy something new. However, the strategy shouldn’t end there.

Good organization is everything. If you can start paying bills and organizing other aspects of your life via the computer, you should. Avoiding all of that paperwork is a blessing at this time. Similarly, trading books for a Kindle will make it a lot easier to keep the place nice and tidy.

Find storage options, such as colourful boxes, wicker baskets, or hanging bags, to keep clutter off horizontal surfaces. Even if you can store clutter behind a cupboard door or in a box on a shelf, it will make a small home look bigger.

Many people also find that opting for hard floors rather than carpet makes it easier to keep things fresh and clean. Either way, a clean home is a happy home, and it will put you in greater control.

small home

Inability To Concentrate

The home will primarily be used for recreational and leisurely activities. However, there will be times when members of the household need to work or study. Sadly, living in a small home means that you probably won’t have a designated office. Therefore, creating an atmosphere where you can still work is key.

For children, the best way to achieve this goal is to utilize the bedroom. Beds at Forty Winks often come with desks underneath that can serve as a homework area without eating into their play space. Essentially, it’s all about achieving a sense of balance, and this is the ideal solution.

As an adult, the key is to use a laptop rather than a desktop. Again, keeping digital copies of key documents on a digital hard drive will save space. As for a working arena, kitchen breakfast bars can be a great solution. Whether you choose this or your balcony, that opportunity to concentrate is crucial. Otherwise, the limited space will strangle you.

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