A small garden can be just as chic and useable as a big garden, with less weeding. So if your home isn’t surrounded by a large garden or lots of outside space to play with, there are still stylish solutions.

You can still create a gorgeous, functional space perfect for relaxing in, hosting parties, and topping up your tan in the summer. Look at the plus side, a small garden is easier to maintain and not as expensive to style. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

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Small Garden? Add Decking

Decking is a fantastic addition to any garden, large or small. Not only does it look smart but, done well, it adds great value to your home. Whatever you spend on quality decking will be easily recouped three-fold if you sell your home. If you don’t fancy the upkeep of traditional decking which involves sanding or oiling the wood, opt for composite. This is a mix of recycled wood and plastic and is almost entirely maintenance free. It doesn’t rot, lasts for up to thirty years, and looks great. You can find composite decking distributors online, and turn it into a DIY project this Spring and Summer. Add outdoor LED lights either integrated into the decking or on a wall and you’ll love it out there.

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Small Garden? Consider Vertical Planting

It’s now easier than ever to create a vertical wall of plants in even the smallest space. Most hardware stores and also specialist landscape gardening companies can recommend and install vertical gardens. There are different price points depending on complexity, but you could create a wall for just a few hundred dollars. Vertical gardens are perfect for succulents, flowering plants, small fruit trees, vegetables, and mixed herbs.

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Small Garden? Paint The Walls or Fences

If you have a walled garden, consider painting the walls a dark charcoal, almost black. It may seem counter-intuitive but dark fences will recede into the background making the space look bigger. It also allows plants to ‘pop’ and be the hero of the garden. Wooden fences should be painted and maintained regularly to keep them looking smart. Speak to your local paint store about the variety of outdoor paints perfect for your particular weather conditions.

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John Davies Landscape

Small Garden? Add a Small Water Feature

You might not have room for an epic pond, but your garden will still benefit from a water feature. Trickling water is relaxing, looks pretty and helps to drown out traffic and other outside noise. You could choose something small which doesn’t dominate the space. Perhaps set up a beautiful haven in one corner and surround it with ornamental grasses, flowers, and stone chippings. If you don’t want a water feature that is plumbed into your home, look for the solar powered pump options. Goldfish are a nice option for a larger water feature / pond but ensure fish-eating birds, such as Kookaburras and Cranes, can’t get access.

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Small Garden? Get Smart With Seating

One of the best things about having a garden is the fact that it gives you a whole new ‘room.’ Adding a seating area means you can enjoy alfresco meals and entertain guests with barbecues and garden parties. But without a lot of space, it can be a struggle finding something that’s just right. Opting for picnic style benches is a good choice here. Unlike regular patio furniture, the seats are fixed to the table so you don’t need to account for the extra room to pull them out.

Or install banquette seating fixed to the wall that has inbuilt storage underneath for cushions, tealight candles, and even outdoor table settings. Alternatively, if it’s just you and your partner who use the garden, you could go for a bistro style set with just two chairs and a small table to save space. The perfect spot for enjoying a morning coffee or an evening glass of wine!

small garden

Kate Michels Landscape Design

Header image courtesy of Todd Haiman Landscape Design. Please click on other images to be taken to the designer’s website.

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