Small garden design will be on the minds of many home and apartment owners. If you have even the smallest outdoor space, maximizing it’s appeal is important.

Having a small garden can feel a little restrictive at times. However, it’s far better than not having an outdoor space at all. The small garden design challenge might be a little more difficult than you’d like, but at least you have a space with which to work.

small garden design


5 Simple Small Garden Design Tips

With these five simple tricks, you’ll fall back in love with your garden in no time. What are you waiting for? Let’s get the transformation underway.

  •  Trade flower beds for hanging baskets. The subtle approach can often leave the biggest impression while having plants at eye level can add a new sense of excitement too. Clawing back valuable ground space will make the garden instantly feel bigger. Above all else, it’ll turn the space into a more practical environment for games and other activities. If you have kids, it also makes the space a little safer. That’s surely a major selling point that all parents can appreciate.



  •  Focus on storage systems. Rejuvenating your shed with a little spring clean and investment into better facilities will make a vast impact. You’ll probably find that you’ve been hoarding items too. Either sell them or trash them. Seriously, the extra room you’ll gain from ridding yourself of unwanted items will give you far greater opportunities. Paint the shed to make it more of a feature rather than a storage space, and it should bring positivity to the garden space too.


  •  Don’t let raised areas become redundant. DIY retaining walls enable you to create a far more attractive garden space. They can also aid function. The raised area can become a decking area, a BBQ space, or somewhere to install a jacuzzi. Breaking up those sections of the garden in a more appealing fashion can only give you a better chance of using the space in an effective manner. Furthermore, you should find that it makes the ongoing maintenance a little easier.



  •  Choose products that can be stored away when not being used. Garden chairs for visitors can soon eat into the space unless they are in the shed. Meanwhile, assembling a jungle gym is going to take up a large percentage of the limited area. Keep the kids entertained with a portable trampoline or sporting activities. That way, you’ll be in a far better place when it comes to hosting guests or enjoying the garden on a chilled Sunday afternoon. Those bulky items will ruin the vibe massively. Don’t let it happen.


  •  Consider installing a sliding door to the kitchen or living space. By having this open, it’ll feel like the garden has doubled in size. It also offers flexibility, allowing the family to be split between both areas while still interacting with each other. Aside from anything else, it can bring some of those natural beauties into the property. It’s certainly the biggest task on this list and will need an expert touch. Still, if it can transform your home for the better, it’s well worth the investment.


small garden design

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