Small changes are sometimes all you need to make a BIG impact. And they needn’t break the bank.

You can make simple, small changes to your appearance, and they’ll have a huge impact on your look. These ideas are easy yet brilliant if you fancy a change!

Small Changes: A Different Lipstick/Eyeshadow Shade

A different lipstick shade can totally alter your appearance. It can make you look vampy or classy. It can make your skin glow, and your teeth look much whiter. A new eyeshadow shade could make your eyes pop like never before. Experiment with new colors and it could be all you need for you to love your look again! Find a salon if you need professional advice or ask for samples so you can ‘play’ in private.

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Small Changes: A New Foundation

Depending on the foundation you wear right now, trying out a new foundation could help you to feel more flawless and confident. You don’t need to wear a full coverage foundation to feel this way. Some foundations are sheer and will give you a gorgeous, healthy glow. Sometimes, this looks much better than heavier foundations as your natural beauty still shines through.

Small Changes: Contact Lenses/Glasses

If you currently wear glasses, why not try out some contact lenses to see if you could change things up once in a while? You could go for colored lenses to try out a new eye color, just make sure you buy them from a reputable source. If you wear contacts or don’t actually need glasses, try out some glasses with non-prescription lenses or super cool sunglasses. You don’t need to be prescribed glasses these days to wear them. In fact, they are very fashionable. Lots of people are wearing old fashioned lenses and loving them!

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Small Changes: Wear An Interesting Piece Of Jewelry or Unusual Accessory

Why not mix things up with an interesting piece of jewelry or an unusual accessory? Opals come in all kinds of colors and will add lots of interest to your look. But you could also opt for things like turquoise and other semi-precious stones. You could even incorporate an unusual accessory, such as an oversized scarf, or something you wouldn’t usually wear, like a hat. Colorful resin jewelry is very on-trend and can totally change a simple outfit.

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Small Changes: Have A Fringe Cut In

Hair grows, so if you’re scared to have a fringe cut in, don’t be! You could have a side fringe, or a full fringe (bangs) depending on what you like. If you’re cautious at first, trust your hair salon. Have it cut a little longer and keep it fine until you’re sure you want to keep it. A fringe (or bangs) can totally change the shape of your face!

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Small Changes: Change Your Parting

Changing your parting is a free and easy way to change your look without spending a penny. Experiment with your parting and see where you like it. Changing a sidey to a middle parting could give you an amazing new look, and even make your face look thinner!

Try out one of these small changes and chances are, you’ll love the impact they have on your look. No need to spend a fortune or do anything drastic when you’re bored. Once you’ve tried out these ideas leave a comment below!

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