Skincare techniques will have an effect no matter what style of makeup you prefer. If your skin can’t cope with the products you want to use, you will struggle to get the stylish look you want.

You also run the risk of upsetting healthy skin by applying makeup that isn’t right for your skin type. So how can you get that perfect, flawless look both with and without makeup? Skincare techniques!

skincare techniques

Skincare Techniques: Test Your Skin Type

Start by testing your skin type. If you’re under twenty-one, you may be prone to oilier skin. You can check this with a thin ply tissue across the sides of your nose. Just hold it in place. If you can start to see dampness or thinning, then your skin may be a little oily. If this isn’t treated, it can lead to a greasy texture on your skin and even breakouts. Micellar water is thought to be one of the best ways to lift impurities caught in these sensitive areas.

Skincare Techniques: Detox Your Skin

You can also detox your skin. Drink plenty of water (you can add a little fresh lemon juice for flavor). Use a deep cleansing facial mask once a week to get at that deep dirt. If you live in the city or work in manufacturing, you might be prone to this problem. Air conditioning in offices and cars can also upset your skin balance. Dryness is just as troublesome as oily patches.

skincare techniques

Skincare Techniques: Try New Makeup

Don’t be afraid to try new makeup products. There are plenty of options for all skin types, and you can find great products from all over the world. There are Korean beauty products you must try if you want to experiment with new styles as well. You may find something that better suits your skin type. Of course, if you haven’t mastered the art of cleansing, then layering makeup products on your skin could cause even more problems.

Skincare Techniques: Moisturize

Do you moisturize? There are two clear types of moisturizer. The first is a day cream that has a more lotion-like consistency. It’s best to choose one with the added UV protection to help avoid sun aging and damage. This is often better applied with a cotton pad. Thicker night creams are rarely suitable for young skin prone to open pores. They are often designed to reduce the signs of aging, but they can act as a barrier against drying overnight. Of course, the best way for skin to stay hydrated is for you to stay hydrated. Less coffee, more water!

skincare techniques

Skincare Techniques: Use Your Fingers (Carefully)

Finger tips can be perfect for applying makeup, especially BB creams and other foundations. The trouble is, you could be rubbing bacteria from your fingers into the pores of your face. Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer on your hands first. This will help reduce the risk of breakouts.

Skincare Techniques: Exfoliate Regularly

If you’re looking for a way to smooth your skin, consider a gentle exfoliator wash. This will remove those dry, dull top skin cells to reveal a fresher look. It will be much easier to create a flawless base layer afterward. Then make the most of your favorite brands of makeup for the look you love.

skincare techniques

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