Simple bathroom updates are generally on our home ‘to do’ lists all the time because bathrooms are such an important element of a home. So on-going tweaks from new tapware and towels to a full-blown renovation are never far from our minds.

So for those of you who bought a house many years ago and have been dragging the chain on renovations, these simple bathroom updates won’t prove too much of a challenge. Or, perhaps you are one of the many buyers who has purchased a run-down property with the idea of transforming it into your perfect haven. There are a lot of benefits to doing this, the main one being that you have complete jurisdiction over what the results.

But as the saying goes, with great power comes great responsibility, and you will need to put a plan in place to take your bathroom from frumpy to FAB. Here are a few simple bathroom updates to get the ball rolling. Before you know it, you’ll have the thoroughly modern bathroom of your dreams.

simple bathroom updates

Out With The Old, In With The New

Just like fashion, interior design experiences different trends along a timeline with some materials being synonymous with a specific era. However stylish they may have been at the time (shag pile carpet) lifestyles move on and we seek out improved or different interior design options. For example, is your bathroom stuck in the 70’s with lots of wood, wicker, and lino? As well as not being practical (untreated wood in a bathroom? Really?) 70’s decor will obviously date your bathroom. Consider upgrading with gorgeous modern materials ideal for contemporary design. Smooth and sleek surfaces including metal, marble, granite, new season tiles, and stainless steel are proving very popular.

If you still love the rustic or Nordic appeal of wood, then look for the new engineered timbers that are virtually waterproof. Mafi Timber now produce timber floor boards for wet areas, something that wasn’t possible previously. From classic to contemporary, rustic to alternative Mafi has the solution and approval from the Asthma Foundation.

Adopt a theme – rustic, modern, industrial, colourful, tropical, etc – and a color scheme and stick to them when choosing new surfaces and materials. The whole look will tie seamlessly together and not become out-dated so quickly. Of course, you can also change up the decor with the seasons – add in moody and jewel colours for winter then swap for gelato pastels and bright colours of Spring when the weather warms. When it comes to simple bathroom updates, changing accessories is the easiest.

simple bathroom updates

Upgrade your bathing experience

Shower units built over the bath might be practical for smaller bathrooms, but they are outdated, and unpopular with house buyers, all the same. If you have the space for it, opt for a separate bath and shower. Glass shower enclosures look very sleek and modern, as well as being convenient for when you just need to hop in and out for a rinse. They are seamless often with pivot doors and are excellent for smaller spaces as they give the illusion of space. They are also relatively easy to install without having to renovate.

Standalone bathtubs are, of course, the very pinnacle of a luxury bathroom. You could either go for a modern classic style with curved edges and rose gold taps, or choose sharp elegance with a rectangular shaped tub. Freestanding bathtubs are very popular even though they are a little harder to clean than built-in tubs. Nevertheless, from acrylic to stone, they are not going anywhere anytime soon. And if you’re selling, buyers LOVE a bath tub.

See more beautiful bathroom ideas and expert design tips in the bathroom section of our sister site, Don’t Call Me Penny.

simple bathroom updates

Add the relevant accessories

Some new bathroom accessories can easily make the world of difference to an otherwise frumpy bathroom. Try not to get overwhelmed with lots of different styles – continuity is a key theme in modern decor, so make sure all your pieces compliment each other. Perfume bottles, soap dishes, scented candles, flowers, towels rolled in a basket, and tealights in coloured glass votives are all perfect for a new look bathroom.

Adding plants is a really good option for bringing your bathroom up to date, whether you want a sprawling spider plant or smaller succulents in little tin pots. Now how’s this for an idea… a vertical garden in the bathroom? Bring the outdoors in by installing a luscious vertical garden wall in your bathroom. It’s easy too. Your local hardware store, landscape designer or garden store will have vertical gardens you can install yourself. Luscious.

You can also double up with stylish storage options, such as buying pretty jars to deposit your shampoos and soaps into. Finish with some scented candles or a reed diffuser and your ultra modern bathroom will be the envy of all your friends.

simple bathroom updates

Try The Suppliers We Use

Our sister site, Don’t Call Me Penny, also provides home styling services so they have kindly shared with us some of their favourite bathroom suppliers. Give them a try for beautiful bathroom accessories including furniture, lighting, fabrics, storage, candles, towels and more. And you can’t go past Internos Home Improvements for the premier Adelaide bathroom renovation company.

Check out  ZanuiPottery BarnBed Bath ‘n TableCanningvaleCirca Home – and Glasshouse Fragrances. You’ll also often find savings and sales from all our suppliers.

simple bathroom updates

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