Rustic Tuscan style is a magnificent combination of warmth, history, power, charm.. and cooking.

The people of Tuscany come from humble yet innovative nomadic people. They created for themselves one of the greatest farming cultures in the world and brought the rustic Tuscan style with them.

Their homes in Northern Italy are incredibly simple, yet stylish in a very distinct Mediterranean way. Renovating your home to replicate such a sunbathed, sun-dried tomato villa style, is easier than you think.

The exterior of Tuscan houses mix Spanish, Italian and Sicilian styles to give them a unique blend of majestic farming homes that could also be used as a getaway home for a wealthy holidaymaker.

Of course, if you’re interested in this style, you have chosen to veer away from the comfort of remaining chic and contemporary. Tuscany is a tranquil part of the world, where being lavish purely for the sake of it is seen as too boastful, and too akin to Rome.


Rustic Tuscan Style: Botanical Additions

Tuscans love their plants and choose to decorate the exterior of their homes with them because they have a deep connection with the land.

Taking inspiration from the vineyards where the smoothest of red wines are made, your home should have pink and purple flower archways around your front door and hugging the pillars.

Also, incorporate real vegetable plants that should be climbing the walls, around a window that looks out onto the lawn. Since it’s a Tuscan style, thin vines from a tomato plant can be wrapped around the door frame for an extra rustic look.

Plant pots are a must as the large, bell-shaped clay terra-cotta Florentine pots are a traditional family home item for the exterior.


Rustic Tuscan Style: The Crown

The crown of any home is the roof. Traditional Tuscan homes have used orange as their signature color, but you may also take inspiration from Sicily and use a faded red mix for the scheme of your home.

Strong and bulky tiles are seen throughout northern Italy because unlike the south that’s closer to the equator, rain clouds from France shift over to the East and downpours are relatively frequent.

If your roof is damaged and you’d like an overhaul, think of contacting a company that will serve you with an Amazing Roof Restoration. Rural country homes traditionally also use terra-cotta tile floors made of clay.

With the intricate yet tight design, rain, wind, and heat are no challenges for this style of roof. Naturally, the design of the tiles is great if you live in a rainy part of the country because the grooves are like natural flowing water channels.


rustic tuscan style

House Valle Bandina is located near Florence Tuscany Italy

Rustic Tuscan Style: The Walls

Centuries have passed, but Tuscany has passed down the love of yellow and beige painted walls. They shimmer in the sunlight and instantly boost your mood.

Luxurious villas in Hollywood are directly copied from Tuscany, so it’s little wonder that for your home, that this is something you should consider.

Alternatively, you could paint your walls a light yellow, because authentically this was done in apprehension that the constant sunlight would fade the paint anyhow.

Both these colors would blend the tiling and plants in really well, because of the look natural, unlike if you were to paint your home gray or blue.

Colourful, passionate, historical, and rustic the Tuscan style looks magnificent anywhere there is lawn, sculptured pines, brick paths, plaster walls, wrought-iron gates, and of course FOOD!

rustic tuscan style

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