Rustic inspiration including luxury elements is my all-time fave personal interior design style. In designing my own home, rustic luxe rules supreme. However, it can be tricky.

Are you interested in, or even a teeny tiny bit obsessed, with all things rustic? I know I am. However rustic can be one of the trickiest styles to integrate into a home, particularly new homes.

So with that in mind, today I am sharing some of my tips on how to subtly begin integrating a little rustic inspiration into your living room and then build up this style over time.


All Hail the Wooden Beam

There is nothing really more rustic than wood, and nothing more desirable than wooden beams when it comes to integrating rustic inspiration into your home.

If you are considering putting a wooden or laminated beam into your home then call in the pros to look at the structure of your living room. This is warranted in order to ensure that the structure of your room will support a heavy wooden beam.

Wooden beams don’t necessarily need to be big and they can run flat across the ceiling not pitched. Keep in mind the space and balance in the room. Don’t install massive beams in a small room or small beams in a big room.

Soften the use of wood by including vibrant or textural fabrics (velvet and linen are perfect), faux fur and wool cushions, leather sofas, and rugs. Take a cue from American Indian motifs, natural designs – animals, plants, wild flowers – and art wroks that depict country living.

For a beautiful range of hand-crafted sofas in leather and velvet try Brosa Furniture.

There are a wonderful range of beautiful beams that would suit all types of homes so have a look online at the styles that you think would best suit your home. Then call in the experts to guide you through your options.


Rustic Inspiration w/ Wood Features

Modern day rustic inspiration means merging traditional rustic style with modern interior design. There are many ways to do this whilst maintaining the modern mood of your home and the rustic inspiration of your living room.

If wooden beams aren’t a possibility for your living room there are many other ways that you can integrate wood to provide a rustic luxe mood.

Chunky wooden coffee tables are a beautiful way to add natural wood into your living room. They are usually a central part in this space so you can definitely afford to go big and bold in this area. Think, the chunkier, the better.

Luckily, and sustainably, recycled wooden products are perfect for adding rustic inspiration. Recycled planks on a metal frame, a recycled trolley on metal wheels, even trimmed and saned tree trunks are perfect for a rustic living room.

For a great range of recycled, rustic, and metal coffee and side tables try Pottery Barn.

Solid wooden coffee tables not only look fantastic, but they are also highly durable and get better and better with age.

You can also integrate wood in the form of side tables, natural decorations and in smaller details like coasters and photoframes.

Play around with the wood elements that you would like to bring into your room and don’t over do it. Just build it up slowly over time until you are happy with the balance in the room.


Rustic Inspiration w/ Lighting

Dramatic chandeliers and gothic style lighting are wonderful compliments to any rustic living room. From wrought iron, glass, and beach driftwood to recycled wood and faux reindeer antlers there are myriad ideas for lighitng with rustic inspiration.

If you are worried about your budget there are some wonderful faux-chandeliers on the market these days that can really rev up the rustic in your living room.

For a beautiful range of discounted lighting including chandeliers, pendant, rustic, and designer try Go Lights.

Smaller, accent lighting is also really important in order to create a rustic and serene environment in your living room. Put some thought into the type of lighting that would work best in the space that you have to play with.

Think of natural side table lamps and wicker woven freestanding lamps that will create lovely textures and patterns and soft, mood lighting to your living space.

Header image courtesy of J Powell Interior Design.

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