Road safety affects everyone. There is more traffic on the roads than ever, and the number of cars being sold every year is increasing.

Some are taken off the roads for road safety reasons and are scrapped, but the net result is still more vehicles in use. You may only drive occasionally, you may use your car for work each day or it could be that your job involves driving.

Whichever it is, you need to take every precaution to stay safe on our roads.

Road Safety Tip #1: Allow Yourself Enough Time

Don’t try and complete a fifteen-minute journey if five, that is bound to lead to disaster. Always allow yourself enough time for your journey, and allow extra if it is in the rush hour or the weather is bad.

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It is always best to allow a little extra time, then if you get caught in unforeseen traffic you will not get so stressed.

Road Safety Tip #2: Remember Driving In The Day And At Night Is Different

Don’t think your journey will be the same in the dark as it will in broad daylight. You have to concentrate harder and be much more aware.

You are less likely to see a child or an animal run out in front of you when it is dusk than at midday. LED driving lights are becoming more popular because they can help to make nighttime driving easier.

They give a more even light, illuminating the road in front of you in a much clearer way. Click for more information about them. They really are a fantatastic way of upping your safety on the road.

Road Safety Tip #3: Don’t Drive When You Are Tired

A tired driver is a dangerous driver. Never get straight out of bed and into your car, make sure you have woken up properly first. If you are traveling a long way, take regular breaks or stop for a coffee or two.

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Regular snacks can also help to keep you more alert. If you start to feel drowsy, pull off the road and find somewhere to stretch your legs and wake yourself up again.

Road Safety Tip #4: Be Aware

It’s always useful to be aware of what other traffic is doing. You cannot control other drivers, but if you are far enough back from them to see what actions they are taking, you can at least avoid becoming embroiled in an accident.

It is not just road users you need to be aware of though. You need to watch out for pedestrians as well.

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Most road traffic accidents are caused by driver error, often because they are distracted. Do not try to do anything else while you are driving, and concentrate on everything around you.

Road Safety Tip #5: Be Prepared

No matter how good a driver you are the person behind you might not be. If they run into the back of your car you need to be prepared. Always have the insurance information you will need to hand, and have the number of a local tow firm in case your car is not driveable.

road safety

Remember, the actions you take when you are behind the wheel of your car can have serious consequences if you make a mistake. Be prepared for all eventualities, bad weather a traffic jam or anything else. Stay calm and focused to stay safe on the road.

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