The right communication with the right contractors throughout your home build will save you time, money and heartache. It’s so simple, yet many people don’t get it right. Here’s how you can.

Though not for the faint-hearted, commissioning the building of your new home can be incredibly rewarding. However without the right communication it can all go pear-shaped.

Forget having to view other people’s properties; the right communication will allow you to bring your dream home to life.

In every building process there is a go-between. For example, if you haven’t built a house before you’ll need a designer and architecture team who can get the work done for you.

Given you’re building the home you’ve always wanted, miscommunication will spell trouble.

Not only will you be going about one of the most stressful and expensive processes of your life, but you still won’t get what you want.

That’s a problem. But, it’s easy to solve. The key is ensuring your architect, builder, contractors and interior designer know exactly what you’re after. And, we have three conversation starters to help you do that.

Right Communication: My vision is…

When it comes to any creative project, vision is the most important thing. From day one, you need to sit your designers down and ensure they share your vision.

Remember that this is your house. As such, it’s crucial you play an active part in every process along the way, starting with the design.

right communication

Even if you don’t have a cohesive idea of what you want, the chances are that you have a few buzzwords to work with right now. Talk them through with your designer so that they can best understand which house style you’re after.

Make sure, too, that you talk through any early sketches so that you can have your say about what is and isn’t working.

This is a process, but keeping the conversation open can make sure it runs smooth.

Right Communication: My needs are…

Vision aside, you also need to think about the practicalities of your property. It may look the part, but that doesn’t mean it’ll be a livable space.

Hence why you also need to run your designers through your personal needs. It’s essential you mention things like a need for a vertical platform lift or an access ramp at this stage so that designers can incorporate it in their plans.

right communication

Equally, simple things like the fact you work from home could dictate your needs for your new property.

Even if you don’t think the information is relevant, you should tell your designers. Only they can decide what they do and don’t need to know.

Right Communication: My financial situation is…

We never like to talk about money, especially with strangers. But, the simple fact is that building a house is never a straightforward money matter.

While architects can quote you an estimate, most projects like this end up costing more than expected. Letting everyone know your financial situation ensures costs don’t skyrocket beyond your capabilities.

right communication

At every step of the way, the effort will then be on finding solutions you can afford. And, that’s a plus point for obvious reasons.

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