A rental property makeover isn’t for owners, it’s very much for renters. Most people, at some point, will rent a property and live there for months or years. So they want to make it feel like home.

Many renters are younger people going to Uni, working for the first time, they want to spend funds having adventures, and they don’t currently have the funds to buy a new home. Others may have moved from interstate or renters are people who just can’t find the dream property. So the decision is made to rent a property until circumstances change.

Are you a renter? If so, even though you are only renting, you still want to make sure the house feels like yours. You probably want it to reflect your personality as well as being comfortable. So do you know how you can make it feel like a home without risking your bond? After all, many landlords won’t allow you to redecorate the home as they like to keep it neutral. If that’s you, here are some ways you can make that your rented property feel like home.

rental property makeover

Rental Property Makeover: Add Pictures of Friends and Family (and Pets)

Give your rental house a personal feel by adding photos of things that are meaningful to you – hobbies, family, friends, pets, desired travel destinations, etc. This will help those bare walls come to life. Ensure you either have permission to hang wall art or use temporary hooks for pictures that don’t weight much. If you can’t bang holes in the wall, place pictures and art on shelves and other flat surfaces. Use posters with blu-tak on the walls to brighten them up if required; it’s only temporary after all.

For a cohesive feel, use picture frames that are of a similar colour, such as all white, or similar material, such as all wood or all metal. You can mix ‘n match but do this in a thoughtful way.

When hanging several pictures in a row, ensure either the top of each frame is in a line or the bottom of each frame. This will be visually more pleasing. If you want to fill a wall, use an invisible shape such as a triangle, rectangle, or square and ensure the outer edges of the frames ‘fit’ within the invisible shape. This will also give a more pleasing and cohesive look.

For more tips, read Perfect Hanging Ideas on our sister site, Don’t Call Me Penny.

rental property makeover

Rental Property Makeover: Use Removable Wallpaper and Decals

While it might not be possible to get the paint brushes out, there are still some ways you can easily decorate the walls without upsetting your landlord. Consider temporary wallpaper which will easily add some beautiful color to your walls. Temporary wallpaper is easy to apply and won’t leave any mess when it’s removed. Your landlord will never have to know that you added style to your walls.

You can find a whole range of colors and designs online so there will be something perfect for your taste. And it’s reusable so you can move it around the house as required. Also, if you get bored of the design, you can quickly get a different one to give the room some life. And the same goes with stickable decals. They are great for adding a touch of character to your room.

If you have kids, decals are an excellent way to give their room a personal feel without causing any damage. And they easily come off the wall so you can change them as you want! And remember that when you rent a house, you may be able to do more redecorating than you think. After all, landlords sometimes accept it if it will make the house look better! So double check with the realtor, so you know where you stand when it comes to painting.

rental property makeover

Rental Property Makeover: Change the Lighting

While the landlord will leave light bulbs in each room of the property, it’s often likely there will be no light shades. If there are, you might want to take them down and keep them aside for when you move. Because you will need to put the house back in its original state before handing over the keys. But in the meantime, you can get your own lights which can give the property a more personal feel.

Fantastic light shades in your preferred style will give your rooms some added character.  Light shades can finish a room and make the decor look more thoughtful. Try places like IKEA for cheap paper lamp shades that also look good. Pendant lights instantly add character especially if you choose industrial glass, metal, wood, or cage shades. Table and floor lamps are also a simple, and transportable, way to jazz up your decor and add your own personality.

And who doesn’t love candles, which are a great way to add unique lighting to your home. There is such a variety of candles from tea lights and scented candles to church pillar candles and wax bulbs that float in bowls of water. Candles give the house an elegant and warm feel, and they are perfect for adding ambient lighting in rooms like your bedroom and lounge!

rental property makeover

Rental Property Makeover: Add Rugs and Accessories

It’s unlikely that you will be able to change the flooring in your rental property. After all, it’s a big job that the landlord will unlikely be prepared to do. And you don’t want to pay out for it when you will be moving eventually. However, if the flooring looks old and tired, it can bring down the appeal of the home. Therefore, you should give the floors a lift by adding beautiful rugs.

Rugs can be quite inexpensive for a rental property makeover and will hide areas of the flooring which are not in the best condition. Rugs add colour, texture, and a cozy or elegant feel depending on what you choose. They are also perfect for colder months when you don’t want to touch the bare floorboards! Choose harder wearing rugs for higher traffic areas. For under beds and tables, you can probably choose a less hard-wearing therefore less expensive rug.

Cube bookcases such as those from IKEA or other free-standing storage from Pottery Barn or Zanui are perfect for displaying books, ornaments, flowers, and accessories. They are also perfect as room dividers. If you need to delineate space in a rental property without putting up a wall, a bookcase makes the perfect room divider.

Another idea to delineate space is to hang colourful fabric or wallpaper from a wooden doweling. Use this technique to divide a large space or hang on the wall as a bedhead or  piece of art.

And while you can’t change the big stuff in your kitchen and bathroom, you can add beautiful accessories for an easy rental property makeover. For example, add some colorful towels and a fun shower curtain in the all-white bathroom to give it some life.

And as for the kitchen, opt for cute jars and holders which are in colorful designs to add character!

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