Rental design may not be high on the list of priorities for many landlords. But giving it some thought could make a huge difference to an investment property.

Any homeowner will tell you that developing a design style is challenging. We all want a home which represents our innerselves. Yet, achieving that goal is easier said than done. If you’re considering becoming a landlord, the rental design challenge becomes even harder.

You’ll have to develop a rental design style that works for others. Many individuals who buy property don’t worry about the design aspect.

But, if you want to rent out a property that offers something special, it’s an issue well worth your time.

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Three Easy Rental Design Style Tips

There is, of course, a lot to consider when investing in any property. Before you stand any chance of getting your design right, you need to invest in the right building.

Companies like can help you do that by telling you everything you need to know. This is an essential first step and is sure to make your life easier.

But, that property won’t rent itself. To be in with the best chance of finding a tenant, you also need to ensure the place looks its best. Here some rental design ideas which are sure to make your property stand apart.

rental design

Paint by Taubmans



In our homes, we generally opt for wall colors which reflect who we are. The bold among us choose bright colors, while more conservative homeowners stick with neutral options.

As a landlord, it’s important to target your decor at as many people as possible. As such, it’s worth sticking with a blank canvas wall design.

Neutral walls are the easiest to maintain and allow a tenant to add their own personality via furnishings, plants, and wall art. And, it ensures you don’t alienate your audience.

Pale wall paint, like the ones found at are your best bet. So, stock up and get painting. If you don’t want to paint everything white, which can be clinical, try warm whites, cream, pale beige, or even a pale blue or green if your rental is in a hot climate.

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Open plan living has become increasingly popular over recent years. If possible, it’s worth renovating your rental space into an open plan haven.

This is a practical and spacious rental design, which is sure to make the most of your property. By comparison, a property with separate rooms will feel tiny.

Of course, you don’t have to knock down every wall in the place. Even incorporating an open plan design into the kitchen and living area will make a huge difference. This should also allow in more natural light which is a sought-after rental design element.

Alongside your neutral walls, this will make even the smallest rental properties seem like echoing taverns.

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While tastes in the home vary, we all like much the same things in our gardens. A blooming array of flowers is sure to go down well with any potential tenants. In fact, it could well seal the deal.

A lot of landlords opt for empty lawns or pebbled options. It’s easy to see why. The costs of upkeep will, after all, fall on you.

But, if you have the gift of green fingers, it’s worth getting stuck in here.

Maintenance costs will be minimal as you’ll be able to take care of things yourself. And, you can ensure you’re creating an outside space that anyone would love!


rental design

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