Renovation projects can be something simple like a fresh coat of paint and new drapes. Other renovation projects add considerable value to your home and put the ‘style’ into lifestyle.

The cost of moving house is considerable once you add up estate agent fees, taxes, removal costs etc. This is why a lot of people are now taking on renovation projects in preference to moving.

Of course home improvements don’t come cheap either, but can work out cheaper than moving house becasue of the re-sale value afforded your current home.

Another reason for improving rather than moving may be because you simply love living where you are! Your family may have just grown out of your current house, but this is nothing that the addition of an extra bedroom or bathroom wouldn’t solve.

It may be the perfect location for your family in relation to schools and amenities, also you may have built up good friendships with your neighbours. These are all great reasons to stay in your current house and renovate instead.


If you have decided to  improve your home and have asked yourself if improving my home with a loan is an option,  you will want to make sure that any renovation projects will add financial value to your home.

Funding options include remortgaging, secured loans and personal loans. Research carefully funding options that suit your individual circumstances.

The following renovation projects will increase the value of your home AND add considerable comfort to your lifestyle.

renovation projects


An extension will increase the square footage of your home which is guaranteed to add value. A well constructed extension will have been designed to make the most of the space available in terms of its size, height and amount of light let into your home.

An extension could be built to make a kitchen bigger or make an open plan kitchen/diner or family room. Normally a single storey extension will not require planning permission, which cuts the cost of having to hire architects.

renovation projects

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Extra bedroom

Bedroom space is sought after by families, even if it’s not used for sleeping  it could become a home office or playroom. Changing a house from a two to three bedroom, or three to four bedroomed house will add considerable value.

Another popular option is to convert attics and lofts into bedrooms. Adding an extra bedroom can add 10% to your homes value.

renovation projects

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Extra bathroom

Most new houses are now constructed with two or more bathrooms, so adding an extra bathroom to your home will attract future buyers if you decide to sell.

Extra bathrooms are also very convenient for families and can prevent many an argument in the mornings! Ensuite bathrooms are also sought after and can be installed into an alcove or corner of a bedroom fairly easily.

renovation projects


Conservatories have the benefit  of being cheaper to construct than traditional extensions and add valuable living space. It is important to ensure that the conservatory is constructed with premium materials, primarily glass and is in keeping with the surrounding buildings.

Also consider investing in an effective method of heating the room so that the conservatory is comfortable year round.

All the above renovation projects will add value to your home, if constructed professionally and sympathetically. Before embarking on a project take time to plan and seek professional advice from experts such as independent financial advisors and builders.

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For your next renovation project, please contact Penelope at Plush Design Interiors for expert advice and fresh ideas.

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