Renovation mistakes can be easily made but just as easily avoided… with some planning and expert tips.

At some point in your life, you may consider carrying out renovation work on your home. It may be a single room or it may be an entire house. Either way, renovation mistakes will occur without some forethought.

We all get tired of looking at the same four walls, so giving your house a minor or major overhaul can be cheaper than moving home and buying something completely new.

However, no matter your good intentions, there are many risks involved. Considering this may be a once in a lifetime project, you don’t want to fall into the typical renovation traps, and I don’t mean falling through dodgy floorboards!

Here are the common renovation mistakes that you need to avoid.


Renovation Mistakes #1: Going It Alone

Your DIY skills may be top notch… when it comes to changing the lightbulb and hanging up a picture! However, that doesn’t mean you are equipped to knock the bathroom to pieces and put it together again.

Yet many people make a ham-fisted effort of the construction themselves and do more damage than good.

Do yourself a favor and hire the right people to do the job. From architects, builders, and interior designers, having professional help will get the job done faster and with better results.

There will be expenses in hiring them, but the cost will be a whole lot more when your botched attempts leave you standing in dust and rubble.


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Renovation Mistakes #2: Having No Vision

If you don’t have a plan, you are going to make life difficult for yourself and the people you employ for the job.

Even worse, you may suddenly decide to change your plans halfway through the building work, causing extra expense for you, and testing the patience of the workmen.

From the beginning, have a vision. It’s fine to tweak your plans later on, but if you don’t know what you want, how will anybody else?

From the size and layout of each room to the flooring and walls, have a blueprint of what you want to achieve.

Renovation Mistakes #3: Employing the Wrong People

There are many reputable building firms, but as we all know, there are those who cut corners and raise unnecessary costs.

Should your builders go on their lunch break and return the next morning, you know you have hired the wrong people.

Make sure you do your research to find the best people for your project.

Ask your friends and neighbors for recommendations, and go online to do a quick Google search to find the best-reviewed firms.


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Renovation Mistakes #4: Forgetting Clean Up Costs

There is a lot of expense in renovating a house, and sometimes there will be unforeseen costs as the project develops. The one thing many people don’t always count on is the amount of waste left over.

Make sure you rent skip bins as there will be an awful lot of rubble and other debris to clean up after the work is done.

When the dust settles, and the house is still standing, you can now enjoy the benefits of the money you have splashed out, and enjoy your ‘new’ home.

renovation mistakes

Renovation Mistakes #5: Tackling Too Much At Once

One common mistake that most homeowners make when renovating their homes is to start from scratch. Therefore, a single renovation project turns into two, and two renovation projects turn into three. Eventually, the entire house is disarrayed, and the owner ends up getting frustrated.

Fortunately, you can quickly fix this mistake. Instead of tackling several projects all at once, you should focus on one at a time. Additionally, a Perth renovations Co professional will make your bathroom floor renovation less stressful.

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