When it comes to relaxation remedies, many of us are travelling so fast we don’t consider we need them. However, relaxing will help us live longer and enjoy life better.

Many of us admit to living our lives at a frantic pace with relaxation remedies far from our thought. We use a lack of time as an excuse for not exercising or socialising enough or failing to get enough sleep. So we’re finding it increasingly difficult, as a society, to switch off and relax.

Has the exhilaration of the festive season got you craving tranquility? Perhaps you’ve made it your mission to embrace a more relaxed lifestyle in 2020. Whatever the reason, here are some simple relaxation remedies to promote calmness and boost well-being. 

Relaxation Remedies: Exercise

You might think that whipping your heart rate into a frenzy and working up a sweat would have the opposite effect to bringing about a state of serenity. However, you’d be wrong.

woman climbing an indoor rock wall

While you may feel energised during and after a workout, a jog or a bike ride, exercise is actually a proven stress-buster and sleep aid. Physical activity can help you clear your mind and provide a distraction from sources of stress and anxiety. It also lowers your resting heart rate and blood pressure in the long-term.

If the main reason you’re interested in exercising is to facilitate relaxation, activities like yoga and Pilates are particularly beneficial. If you’re new to these pursuits, look out for beginner classes in your local area or search for online sessions you can do at home. 

Relaxation Remedies: Essential Oils and Massage Therapy

Do you ever feel like you need 5 minutes to reset your mind or a moment of peace or pampering to recharge your batteries? If so, you might find using essential oils or booking a massage helpful.

There’s a vast range of oils available on sites like The Hippie House, and you can add them to a hot bath or apply them directly to your skin. You can also buy candles or diffusers to create a relaxing ambiance at home.

top view of a woman having a hot rock massage

If you’re a fan of massage therapy, or you’re intrigued by the prospect of having your first massage, search for local therapists with an excellent reputation. Alternatively, ask friends or colleagues for recommendations.

Massage therapy involves using manual movements to reduce tension, ease worries and help you switch off. 

Relaxation Remedies: Meditation

Meditation is an ancient art, but it has enjoyed something of a revival in recent years. One of the most advantageous aspects of meditation is that you can do it anywhere at any time of day. Whether you have an hour to spare, or you’re taking a 5-minute break, you can meditate.

close up of a woman meditaring by a river

Many people use guided meditations via apps and you can also join group meditation sessions or follow your own template. Meditation is believed to reduce anxiety and stress and help you concentrate and focus. 

Relaxation Remedies: Hobbies

The average person spends around 37 hours per week at work. If you factor in travel time and other commitments, most of us struggle to find the time for hobbies and interests. If you’re looking for a resolution that will make a difference this year, try and find more time for your passions.

attractive woman with a camera

Spending time learning new skills or falling in love with an activity you used to enjoy all over again can have incredible benefits for your wellbeing. From fishing, gardening and drawing to reading, writing and baking, there are all kinds of hobbies that can help you to stay calm and relaxed. 

Many of us lead frantic lives, and it can be tough to relax and embrace calmness and tranquility. If you’re hoping to spin fewer plates and slow down the pace of life a little, hopefully, this guide will prove useful.

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