Do you need to reinvent your garage? If there is any room of our home that is open to neglect, it’s the garage.

You may not even count it when you consider the number of rooms in your home. Maybe you use it as a junk room, the dog’s bedroom, or as a dumping ground for the lawnmower, pressure washer and kids bikes.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Take a look at these four easy ways to reinvent your garage


reinvent your garage

  1. Declutter

So you want to squeeze your pride and joy into your garage? Whether this is your classic car, vintage motorbike, or simply your trusty little vehicle that sees you from A to B.

But there’s so much random paraphernalia in your garage claustrophobia creeps up on you at the mere thought of venturing in there.

By using intelligent storage solutions and wall organisers, you will be able to sort through all of the stuff you thought you’d lost forever. This will ensure  you have easy access to it in the future.


reinvent your garage

  1. Pimp Your Door

Unleash your creativity and upgrade your garage door. Look carefully into the type of doors available.

This is an opportunity to reinvent your garage with some real curb appeal. It’s not always the most expensive suppliers that sell the best garage doors.

There are many options such as up and over doors, automatic doors, and smartphone operated doors.

It’s also important to check out the reviews of any potential company you may select to install your doors. You need to ensure the best value, customer service, and quality.


reinvent your garage

  1. Think About The Floor

Say goodbye to your uneven, dusty concrete floor and treat yourself to something a little more salubrious.

Your first job is to level the floor. After this, the opportunities are endless. A good budget option is to roll out some hard wearing vinyl.

If you have a little bit more cash to splash, why not look into an epoxy floor? This specialist paint mixed with a hardener provides a long-lasting floor covering that, blended with some colour chips, provides the ideal flooring for your garage.

reinvent your garage

  1. Insulate And Decorate

If you are changing the use of your garage to something a little more exciting than a home for your car, like a gym area or games room, you will want to consider insulating and redecorating.

A lick of paint goes a long way. Select a paint that is durable and long-lasting because, if you are playing snooker, lifting weights or taking out your aggression on a punchbag, you’ll want walls that can withstand a lot of knocks.

By doing this, you are not only saving money on your heating bills, but you will also be able to use this attractive space throughout the winter months.

Next time you find yourself in your garage, take a look at your clutter and get planning.

Consider how you can reinvent your garage with a facelift to make the space more functional and desirable. It’s time to pay your garage the attention it deserves.

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