Psoriasis is a skin disease that many people around the globe will suffer with at some point in their lives. While the cause is still unknown, Doctors have linked it to an autoimmune disorder that causes your body to think that it’s fighting off an illness.

The side effect of Psoriasis is a faster growth of skin cells than normal. While the usual person develops new skin cells every few weeks, a sufferer of psoriasis reproduces every 3-4 days, which in turn causes patches on the skin which are red and often covered in white and scaly flakes.

This can cause itching and discomfort for the sufferer, and can also knock self confidence.

If you’re suffering from psoriasis, here are some things that you can do now to improve your psoriasis and allow you to love the skin that you’re in again.

Dead sea salt

Many psoriasis patients have commented on how well dead sea salt can help clear up their skin. You can buy bath soap, shower gel and also dead sea salt to put in your bath or shower each time you wash. Salt has healing properties and also helps gently wash away flakes from your skin at the same time.

So the next time you’re shopping for something to add to your bath, consider buying some dead sea salt and give your skin a chance to heal. Remember to cover yourself in an emollient after your bath to lock in the goodness from your bath.



Naturopath is a more natural way of treating your body for many different ailments, including psoriasis. You will speak to a consultant who will assess you and discover what is the most likely cause of your psoriasis.

They will then be able to suggest lifestyle changes and treatments for you to undergo. Many patients with psoriasis have had a lot of success using naturopath, so consider it as an option for you too.


Eat and drink right

Some studies have shown that eliminating red meat, dairy products, and even certain vegetables from your diet can dramatically improve the condition of your skin. It’s been suggested that psoriasis might be linked to gluten intolerance, so consider speaking to your GP to have some tests done. In the meantime, cutting some of these foods out to see if it improves your skin will certainly help.

Remember, alcohol is a culprit for flaring up the skin so try not to drink heavily to avoid any flare ups. The best liquid to drink is of course, water. Make sure you’re getting the daily recommended amount.


Reduce stress

Finally, stress, anxiety and depression have all been linked to the severity of someone’s psoriasis. If you’re experiencing any of the above visit your GP to see how you can treat your situation and you should soon see your skin clear up too.

Try these ideas today and begin to love your skin again. Remember to always moisturise to lock in moisture and prevent itching.

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