Prom night style hacks are just what you need for any special occasion.Every girl wants to look great on prom night, or any night, but what if you’re on a budget?

Fear not, there are lots of simple prom night style hacks that you can use to transform stuff you already have into perfect prom night fashion accessories.

prom night style hacks

Prom Night Style Hacks: Makeover Your Shoes

If you blew your budget on the perfect prom dress, but you want to show up in spectacular shoes, why not borrow mom’s crafting supplies and stick colorful crystals or glitter on to an old pair of heels for a magical new look?

All you have to do is use a paint brush to coat your shoes in glue, and carefully, using tweezers, stick your favorite gems directly on. If you’re using glitter, simply cover the shoes with glue and roll them in the glitter of your choice until they’re completely covered.

prom night style hacks

Prom Night Style Hacks: Embellish Your Hair

You can make any prom outfit look more expensive by adding the right accessories to your hair. If you’re wearing one of the many popular white prom dresses from Prom Dress Shop, for example, adding pearls or crystals to your hair will have a stunning impact. If you’ve gone for a more colorful prom dress, adding colorful flowers or ribbons will look great and ensure you’re the belle of the ball!

prom night style hacks

Prom Night Style Hacks: Upcycle an Old Purse

If you don’t have a purse that matches your dress, there are a number of things you can do to upcycle an old one. The easiest way to transform a purse is to coat it with fabric glue and then attach the fabric of your choice. Fabric stores often give away samples of fabric, which could be enough to cover a small purse, or you could use an old piece of clothing from your home to make the transformation. You can also use fabric glue to apply feathers, sequins, and crystals to an old purse for a new lease of life on prom night.

Prom Night Style Hacks: Bling Your Phone

It’s prom night, so there’s no way that you aren’t going to be taking lots of pictures. If you want your phone to look as good as the rest of your outfit, why not use a glue gun to cover your current phone case with lots of gems in the same color of your dress? That way, when you whip your phone out, you won’t spoil your overall appearance with a bland, boring phone.

prom night style hacks

Prom Night Style Hacks: Create Your Own Corsage

If you can’t rely on your date to provide you with your own corsage, why not make your own? If you want a unique corsage that will stand out and won’t wilt, why not recycle some paper and create a simple origami corsage? There are lots of online tutorials that will show you how to make origami flowers, combine these will old buttons or pieces of jewelry you own for an unusual look that will draw attention for all the right reasons.

By using stuff you already have, and inexpensive extras, you can create the perfect style, while saving the majority of your prom budget for beautiful dresses, impressive rides and good times!

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prom night style hacks

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