Profitable property selling is what we all hope to achieve when we play the property market – whether it’s as a single home owner or portfolio developer.

Selling a home is never an easy task let alone profitable property selling. To start with, you have to look for a new home to replace it (unless you are joining the grey nomads and going off on a caravan adventure).

Then, you have to find a buyer who can make the purchase before you need to move out. Of course, you’ll also need a real estate agent to help you.

But, this sort of professional help will only go so far. To make as much money out of your property sale as possible, you’re going to have to do some of the leg work.

To help with this, I’ll go through some of the best ways to work with your home to ensure its value increases.

profitable property selling


Profitable Property Selling

There is a big list of different attributes which can make a house attractive to new buyers. Having a garage, for example, in an area where they are uncommon could be a very nice benefit to your property.

Or, having solar panels installed could be a great way to reel people in when power prices are on the rise.

When you’re choosing the work you do, you should always be thinking about the value of the property. The changes you’re making should always improve the value of the building to a point which covers the cost of the work.

But DON’T OVER-CAPITALISE otherwise your profitable property selling won’t be so profitable. For example, a rule of thumb when renovating a kitchen is to spend ONLY bteween 10% – 15% of the total value of the home.


profitable property selling

IDA Architecture and Interiors

A lot of people make the mistake of simply making changes they like. But, other people might have a different idea of what they want for their home. Which is why a neutral decor is recommended when you plan to sell.

No one wants to buy a home which looks like it could fall apart. The work that you do to your home needs to be both functional and well built if you want it to make a good impression.

Most people don’t have the skills to produce building work to a professional standard. So, instead, it can be better to leave some of the work to the experts.

Finding a company who can do house extensions which add value as well as space to your property is just a matter of doing some research. This sort of service is becoming increasingly common, as people buy smaller houses to make bigger.


profitable property selling

Amanda Ayres Interiors

Of course, though, depending on the work you need done, you might need another type of professional to help you; such as an interior designer.

Profitable property selling will always mean getting the maximum quality result, and sale price, with the minimum financial outlay but best professional finish. Now, minimum outlay doesn’t mean cheapest, it means the lowest cost for the highest quality relative to the value of the home and not over-capitalising.

A quality job will always make more money than something which has been rushed and made to a low standard. It’s important that you spend as much time as you can on your property.

It will be easy to tell if you’ve had the work done on a budget or very quickly, drawing potential customers away from the sale. Along with the time you put into building work, though, you should also be spending some time cleaning the home.


profitable property selling

Brett Mickan Interior Design

Viewings can often be unsuccessful simply because a home is untidy or dirty. People will have lofty expectations when they’re buying a home. So hiring a cleaner will likely pay for itself.

Whilst the home itself may be great shape, staging for sale is another way to showcase a home at it’s very best.


profitable property selling

Robertson Lindsay Interiors

If you don’t want to use a home staging company then declutter thoroughly, don’t display broken or worn items, and consider buying or borrowing some decor items such as rugs, cushions, throws, and lamps. Potted orchids look luxurious or have a vase of fresh flowers on the hall table or kitchen bench.

For well-priced furniture and decor items try Pottery Barn, Zanui, Interior Secrets, or Bed Bath ‘n Table.

When you’re selling a home, it’s important to be aware of the challenges which come with it. You will have to dedicate a lot of time to this work. But, in the end, it should be worth it.


profitable property selling


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