If you think Probiotic Solutions is something you drink to neutralize your gut, then your only half right. It is probiotic and it is a solution, but you don’t drink it; you clean with it.

Probiotic Solutions is a new Australian product that uses bacteria to clean your home. Founder, Michelle Perkins, has improved  a base product she found in the USA transforming the way we think about cleaning our homes. If you are looking for healthier, organic, and environmentally sound ways to effectively clean your home then you will love this interview.



Probiotic Solutions Clean With Bacteria, Not Chemicals

Turning Cleaning 180 with Probiotic Solutions

Michelle Perkins has turned cleaning on it’s head with the Probiotic Solutions range that cleans with bacteria, not chemicals. In this interview, Michelle explains that we are surrounded by bacteria and why cleaning with chemicals doesn’t clean at all. I was fascinated by the things I don’t understand about cleaning and our environment. Why? Because what Michelle espouses is a new way of thinking, yet it’s scientifically and environmentally sound.

As Michelle explains, bacteria is in the air all the time so when we clean with chemicals, the bad bacteria falls onto the newly cleaned surface almost immediately. But with Probiotic Solutions – and she explains the fermenting process in ‘growing’ the solution – the good bacteria that is used for cleaning takes over the space. Thus, the bad bacteria isn’t allowed in.

It’s like the good bacteria is an exclusive club with a ‘no tie, no entry’ policy… and bad bacteria doesn’t have a tie.

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