A winter garden clean up may seem a little premature here in Australia. However, our overseas readers are welcoming winter soon. So a clean up now will enhance your garden when Spring arrives.

It might seem like the time of year to wind down your gardening. However, if you give your garden some attention before the arrival of the cold weather, it’ll look better come spring.

Make the most of the last of the fresh fall/autumn weather and tidy up your garden to prepare for winter. It’s also a good time to make any necessary repairs and even plant some new additions. Here are five tips for a pre winter garden clean up to prepare for Spring. 

Clear up leaves and debris

Rake up any leaves and inspect your gutters to see if they’re clogged. If your gutters are blocked with leaves and debris you could consider hiring a Gutter Cleaning service. It’ll be much easier to do this now while the weather is still warm enough. Blocked gutters left unattended could result in damage to your home’s exterior or drainage system. Get rid of any excess garden waste and give your yard a proper tidy.

Tidy up your borders

The end of fall is the perfect time of year to tidy garden borders. Remove any dead leaves, foliage, and weeds. Trim back any herbaceous perennials and get rid of annuals that have died off for the season. You can put this garden waste in your composter or have it picked up for recycling. Edge your flower beds using an edging tool and leave everything nice and neat for when you’re ready to plant again. 

Make basic repairs

Take advantage of the last few sunny days to make small home repairs. Inspect your yard for any damage, particularly in the decking or fence. If you have any outdoors such as a shed or summer house, make any necessary repairs now. This will help protect them against the cold and wet weather throughout winter. Your garden will be ready to enjoy again from spring. 

Plant your spring bulbs

There are plenty of spring flower bulbs you can start planting now. These will bloom in the spring and your yard will flourish once again. Some bulbs you can plant now, depending on your local climate, include begonias, lilies, and freesias. Plant the same variety of bulbs in large drifts for a more dramatic meadow effect. This will add some color to your yard as soon as the warm spring weather arrives. You can also plant some winter flowers in hanging baskets and other containers to create lovely views of your patio from your windows. 

Evergreen additions

Certain evergreen shrubs will continue to grow during the colder months, so if you want to plan a winter garden, plant things like phormium tenax and Cornus sanguine winter fire. This will give your yard a nice touch of greenery and leave it looking lush throughout winter. Take care of your lawn as well and remove any moss or thatch. You can still mow the lawn at this time of year but leave it a little longer than usual. With these simple tips, you’ll be able to enjoy a greener yard for longer.

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