“How do I personalize my space?” is the catch-cry of people who feel they don’t have the skills for interior design. However, it’s much easier to put your mark on your home than you may think.

The idea of building a own home is something many people dream about. However, they simply don’t have the time, resources, or skills to do it. They may think “I can’t personalize my space let alone build a whole house”.

personalize my space

However, don’t despair. In my work as an interior designer in Adelaide, I am always helping people who ask me to design their homes. But it’s very important to me that I help them create something unique that reflects THEIR personalities and loves, not the latest trends.

So when they ask me “How can I personalize my space?” my answer is very simple. If it speaks to you and you LOVE it, then include it in your home. And here are 4 great ideas to achieve a unique home.

Personalize My Space with Artwork:

With YouTube guides, creating quality artwork has never been easier. By choosing a style which is within your scope, you should find it nice and simple to start creating masterpieces for your space, and you need only by a few resources to get started.

personalize my space

Pottery Barn

Or, go to a royalty-free photographic page like i-stock and buy a hi-resolution photograph, illustration or vectra design for as little as $30. Have it printed on quality paper or canvas. Voila!

This sort of project is much more manageable than trying to build something, while still providing much of the satisfaction.

Personalize My Space with Furniture Design:

Of course, not everyone will feel confident to create their own piece of art, though, and you may have other passions which can drive your home improvement.

Furniture design is another field which has come a long way in recent years. By following someone’s instructions, starting from scratch, or using a piece which already exists as the foundations for your work, you can create something truly unique to your home.

personalize my space

This might take a little practice, but will be worth it once you can see your influence on your home.

And you don’t need to build something, you could just paint something. Chalk paint is the EASIEST to use as furniture doesn’t require sanding or priming. Just paint and go. I like Annie Sloan and Porter’s Paints.

Personalize My Space with Custom Orders:

Not everyone has an artistic streak, making it hard to complete the ideas above. This doesn’t leave you without options, though, with the option to buy custom curtains online, along with loads of other made-to-order products being available across the web.

Taking the creative work out of your hands somewhat, this will often be a much gentler introduction to the world of interior design than building something entirely by yourself.

Personalize My Space with Photography:

Finally, as the last idea in this post, it’s time to think about photography. With modern smartphone cameras getting better each year, it’s likely that you already have some good pictures which could find a place in your home.

Frames are very cheap, and printing services are available at a huge range of price points, making it possible to handle the project very affordably.

personalize my space

Of course, though, as time goes on, it could be worth getting a dedicated camera if you find that you enjoy this sort of work.

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start working harder on the time you put into adding a piece of yourself to your home.

A lot of people struggle with this creativity, finding it hard to know where to start. In reality, though, you already have the tools you need, and you just need to push yourself a little harder.

It will all be worth the work once you have a new appreciation for your space.

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