Your unique personality plus is often shown in fashion. But do you use the same rules to apply personality to your home?

Some of us see our homes as our castles. They are the epitome of us, exuding our personality plus in every nook and cranny.

If you are keen on extravagant and luxurious furnishings, the chances are that your home will be crammed full of them. Visitors won’t be able to move for your vast array of textures, patterns, and tactile throws.

personality plus

For those of us who are neat freaks, and crave order and routine, the chances are that these homes are clutter free, clinical white and feel a sense of pride in their straight lines and tidiness.

Are you concerned that your home doesn’t reflect your unique personality plus and looks more like a neutral and bland box? Take a look at this advice to help you unleash your interior design creativity.

Personality Plus! Go Outside

If you love nothing more than venturing outdoors, taking in the crisp, fresh air on long walks, popping to your local friendly grocer to buy local produce and you are keen to flex your eco-friendly muscles, then your home should reflect your motivations.

Think about getting a couple of small water tanks for your back garden to collect rainwater, ready for you to reuse on your home grown veg. Why not set up your own vegetable plot, herb garden or rockery to take care of in your backyard?

personality plus

If you adore being green, go one step further and whip up some solar panels and a mini wind turbine on your roof. By doing this, you are maximising your efforts to do your little bit to save the planet.

Personality Plus! Colour

People tend to be afraid of embracing colour within their home. They may think that it will be too personal, limit the saleability of their home or simply look a little haphazard. This is your dwelling for you to enjoy.

Create a living space that you relish being lucky enough to enjoy. If you adore yellows and oranges, by all means, paint your main bedroom sunshine ember, or create a feature wall with a wonderfully 1960s inspired mustard yellow geometric design.

personality plus

If this is a step too far, keep your white walls and inject colour slowly. Use soft furnishings and furniture to bring in damsons, blues and red tones to your living environment.

You don’t want your home to look like every other house on the street so bite the bullet and be a little bolder.

Personality Plus! Kitchen

You can tell a lot from a person with their choice of kitchen cabinetry. Shaker style kitchens tend to be all about homeliness and comfort. Whereas glossy grey units tend to fit more of the young professional type who adore cleaner lines and more modern interiors.

You may be a little more eclectic and take features from contemporary design and mix it with a country cottage style island. However, you want to create your kitchen, ensure that it matches your personality and fits your lifestyle.

personality plus

Designing interiors can be a tricky job. The professionals will sit down with a client and interrogate them for a good couple of hours before they even come up with any drawings for a home.

This is because they want to know what makes their clients tick and create a living space to match. Enjoy flexing your creative muscles and revolutionising your home.

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