The perfect office space is now within easy reach. However, it’s not ALL about interior design which only plays one part in a cast of other handy tips… some of which will surprise you.

Your workspace is the place that you’ll spend most of your time. So if you don’t have the perfect office space for YOU, it can have a serious impact on your well-being.

Not having the perfect office space can make you less efficient and increase your stress levels because you don’t like your environment. Understanding the difference decorating and organizing your office space can make, will lead to big improvements in your working life… and beyond.

A quick coat of paint and a shuffle around of the furniture is fine, but the style of the office is only one aspect. If you really want to revamp your office space, science has the answers.

Studies into the psychological effects of a workspace can tell us the best way to design an office. This is how it’s done.

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Take Control To Create A Perfect Office Space

Having complete control over your own space already brings a lot of psychological benefits. Studies using office workers found that those who were given the freedom to arrange the office however they liked and decorate it with plants and pictures were around 30 percent more efficient than their colleagues who had to keep the office as it was.

They also found that people given freedom over their office space had a better relationship with their boss. So, you’ll already start seeing the benefits just by deciding to revamp the office.

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A temperature change of just a few degrees can have a massive knock on effect on productivity. Whether it’s too cold or too hot, people can’t work properly if the temperature isn’t spot on.

Some studies suggest that employees are distracted when they are cold and are around 20 percent less efficient. Equally, being too warm will distract them.

Lots of research has been done into the optimum temperature for the office but there is a lot of disagreement. This is likely because there is no right answer.

Everybody is different and has their own ideal temperature so you need to find yours. Make sure that you’ve got air conditioners from companies like Clements Air Conditioning to keep you cool during the summer and some good heating to keep you warm during the winter.

Even a small change that you wouldn’t necessarily notice can seriously affect your ability to work properly.

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Rounded Furniture

Science suggests that you should always opt for rounded furniture instead of straight edges and sharp corners. The brain automatically associates rounded furniture with positive emotions which impact on your work.

We generally think of rounded shapes as both more attractive and more inviting in a room so using it in your workspace will ensure that it’s a place that you actually want to spend your time.

The way that you arrange it is also important because it can create a very specific mindset, especially if you’re meeting with people in there.

For example, furniture arranged in a circle encourages group collaboration, while sitting in straight lines encourages individuality.

Think about what you’re going to be using the office for and try to arrange the furniture accordingly.

This is how to create the perfect office space, according to science.

perfect office space

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