Planning the perfect garden party is on everyone’s mind when the weather is beautiful or a celebration is imminent. Unless you’re a professional party planner, these tips will help you easily plan the perfect garden party. So much so, your guests will think you hired an event manager.

One of the best things about having your own outdoor space is the ability to throw a really great party in the comfort of your own garden. From barbecues to more formal marquee-based affairs, there are so many options when it comes to entertaining outdoors. However, f you want a perfect garden party you will need to put in some serious planning time.

Not sure where to start? Check out these tips for planning and hosting the perfect garden party.

perfect garden party


There’s nothing worse than a garden party without adequate seating for all of your guests. Not everyone enjoys having to sit on the ground, even if you provide blankets. Try adding moroccan-style ottoman seating that’s great for sitting, leaning against on the ground, or for setting down plates of food.

Lots of people have bad backs, hate the little critters you’ll find on the ground, or just plain want to sit in a proper chair like an adult when they’re partying in the garden. So, ensure your dining space has enough tables and chairs for everyone who’s coming, and your guests will be comfortable and happy for the duration. If your garden party is going to be a one-off, you can always hire the extra sets you need, so it needn’t be expensive.

perfect garden party


The perfect garden party is the one that goes into the evening so drape your fences with fairy lights, your tables with garden candles, and your gable patios with hurricane lamps to ensure your guests can comfortably party on for as long as the vibe remains. Just remember to use citronella candles to keep the bugs that are attracted to the light at bay.

If you regularly use your garden, consider more permanent lighting such as uplights for illuminating trees, spotlights, bollard lights, and underwater lights. You’ll find a beautiful selection of matte black, chrome, and copper garden lights from Temple & Webster, some of which are on sale.

perfect garden party


Garden party food should be simple and delicious. You can’t really go wrong with a barbecue as long as you cook a few dishes to suit all tastes, including a meat-free option, like vegetable kebabs if you have any veggie friends. Pile your dining table high with salads and you’ll have the perfect garden party well in hand.

However, you may want to do something a bit more sophisticated like an English tea party. Go crazy with floral plates, fancy cutlery, and triple-decker cake plate stands. This is the time to think about blush pink tablecloths, rose gold cutlery, soft gray linen serviettes, and lots of cut glass, crystal, and silver. Fabulously girlie. Serve a spread of sandwiches, canapes, cupcakes, and finger food. Delicious… and a memorable perfect garden party.

Once you’ve got the food sorted, don’t forget to buy enough cold beers, chilled wines, and non-alcoholic sodas to see you all though the event.

perfect garden party


The forecast might have been good, but that doesn’t guarantee that some unseasonable weather won’t come along to spoil your big day. If you’re having a formal party, rather than an impromptu get together with friends, consider hiring a marquee, gazebo, or awning, which will provide your guests with protection and ensure your perfect garden party can carry on, come what may.

perfect garden party


It is common courtesy to let your neighbors know of your plans so that they won’t be surprised by any extra noise. Even better, invite them along, then you’re guaranteed a complaint free event. Of course, you should always try to minimize the impact of your event on those surrounding you in any way you can whether they’re attending your event or not.

perfect garden party


Music is the simplest form of outdoor entertainment, so buy or borrow a good portable speaker, to which you can hook up your iPhone or iPod for instant outdoor fun.

Now you’re good to go and party. What are your tips for throwing an unforgettable garden party?

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