A paradise garden could be your own little slice of heaven, with a few angelic tips this is NOT paradise lost!

Ahh, the sun is finally back again. After a colder than usual winter, it’s nice to see the rays of the sun heating up our bones again.

But with the sun, brings some big changes that need to be made to your home, mainly your garden. In typical Aussie fashion, BBQ season is going to be in full swing before you know it. So why not make your garden that paradise you’ve always dreamed of this year.

paradise garden

Paradise Garden Soils

It’s so hard to get some decent soil in Australia due to the drastic changes in temperatures. To have a lush garden, you need to have a beautiful green layer of grass.

So to start with, get yourself some soil from places such as Bibra Lake Soils. Resoil the lawn, and plant some grass patches for a really fresh look. If you garden is too big to afford to do this, try laying down some grass seeds and watering every day.

It should bring the grass to life a little. Now, to really make it look like a paradise, you need to plant the most colourful flowers you can find. With the fresh soil laid down, it shouldn’t be take as long for the flowers to grow either.

If you want to add in a nice little touch, plant a couple of palm tree’s for a real paradise look. It will take a while for them to grow, but when they finally do you won’t regret it.

paradise garden

Paradise Garden Relaxation

To be in paradise means to relax. So you’ve got to kit it out with the comfiest furniture you can find. Look to get a large brolly for some coverage, and some thick cushioned deep set chairs.

You could even grab one of the large swinging sofas. Sitting on that swinging away with a cocktail in your hand and the sun beating down. Can it get more perfect? If you want to really push the boat out, get yourself a hammock and attach it to the outside walls, or trees if you have them.

Picture yourself reading a book, the sun on your skin, and a light breeze swaying you. It’ll be like you’ve left Australia and gone to the Maldives.

paradise garden

Paradise Garden Pool

A pool is essential in the Aussie summers. If you don’t have a built in one, you need a decent sized inflatable one. It just gets too hot sometimes, you need to be able to escape the blistering sun.

Seek a relatively large one, especially if you have children, or price up how much it’ll be to get one built into the ground. If you’re choosing the latter option, you’ll need to start pretty quick before the height of the summer arrives. As the temperature dips at night, why not try getting an inflatable jacuzzi.

They’re not that expensive, and it really is a little touch of luxury to your growing paradise. They’re easing to maintain, and can be put up, or taken down whenever you need to. You’ll be the envy of all your friends with this paradise garden you’ve created.

paradise garden

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