Do you really know what you’re sleeping with? No matter how many times you wash conventional linen, the chemicals used to create bed linen are never washed away. They remain in contact with your skin… forever!

I learned a great deal from my conversation with Tarsha, you probably will too. If you’re interested in topics that include organic, fair trade, chemical-free and third world development issues, you’ll thoroughly enjoy this great interview.

Organic Bed Threads by Tarsha Burn

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Tarsha Burn

Sustainable, ethical, chemical-free, organic and Fair Trade. Textile designer, Tarsha Burn, couldn’t find what she wanted, so she created a company that could make the organic textiles she wanted to share with the world; and support a social enterprise at the same time. Organic Bed Threads was born.

As a textile designer, Tarsha understands only too well the processes required to manufacture bed linens… linens that come into contact with our skin for many hours everyday. I was shocked that the chemicals used to grow cotton and manufacture bedding never leave the textiles, no matter how much you wash them. And it’s not only our skin, it’s the young and tender skin of infants and children that is also at risk.

So Tarsha embarked on a fascinating ‘journey of discovery’ sacrificing much to bring 100% organic and chemical-free linen to the beds of Australians, and beyond. In this honest interview Tarsha discusses her passion for helping developing communities create Fair Trade commerce and her on-going commitment to ensuring people everywhere know and understand what chemicals are doing to our land, and our skin.


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