Open plan paradise is the way architecture and building have been going for several decades. However, some older homes seem to suffer a very common fundamental flaw; room space.

Unfortunately, a lot of people buy their home on a tight budget. And, this will usually lead to compromises on things like space being made. No open plan paradise for YOU!

Living in a home which feels too small can be very frustrating. To help you solve this issue, this post outlines the process of making multiple rooms into one.


How To Start Your Open Plan Paradise

In a two-story home, this can be the perfect alteration to make, as it will leave upstairs bedrooms intact. Of course, it can also work in apartments and other properties, but this will be dependent on the building itself.

To start this big job, you’ll need to do some planning. This should be done with the help of professionals including an architect or building designer, a builder, and a surveyor, to ensure that everything is safe.

Most people want to open up the areas between kitchen and living. However, your plans may include opening up a master bedroom to include a parent’s retreat. Both will require planning, professionals, and good budgeting.


Also, consult an interior designer to help coordinate the look and feel of the new open space. An interior designer can help you choose colors, fabrics, furniture, lighting, and advise on creating livable spaces in what could be a cavernous open space.

Once you have some plans drawn up, though, you can start the real work. A physical work in a job like this will have to start with some destruction.

Your rooms are still tied together at the moment. And, so, the walls between them are going to need some tender loving care. A demolition company can help you to remove brick and plaster walls, using their expertise to keep the job safe.

When doing something like this, it’s worth removing furniture, pets, and children. There will be a lot of dust and other airborne debris. So, for health and cleanliness reasons, you’ll need to protect the things you love.

Of course, this also means there will be some tidying work to do. But, this should be nice and easy.


Open Plan Paradise Interior Design

Decorating your new room will take a little bit more thought than the smaller rooms you had. Larger spaces can be more complicated to decorate because space can easily look cluttered, too sparse, or too uncoordinated.

Using websites like Instagram for inspiration, collect some sample paint pots for some of the popular colors out there.

Using these little pots of paint, you can test the different colors you like to make sure they look good in the room.

Professional Tip: Take several large peices of cardboard and paint each one colour you really like. You can then tape them to a wall and move them around too see how the colour works in different lighting.

You will have probably thought about this area during the planning stages of the job. So, it could just be a matter of setting a painting team to work to get the job done. If it falls within your budget, it is always worth having professionals do your painting for you.

This will ensure a long-lasting finish and precise results.

open plan paradise


Furniture For Your Open Plan Paradise

Finally, it’s time to consider the furniture you have in your room. In most cases, your old items will be suitable for much smaller rooms.

And, they might not even match each other. If you already have some favorites, you can hold onto these and try to find new items to match them.

When buying furniture, you can save a lot of money and get better quality goods by looking to the second-hand market. Not a lot of people choose to get their furniture from places like this.

Tips to delineate areas in an open plan room
  • use rugs under a dining table and under a coffee table
  • use a large rug and place your sofa and chairs within it
  • place a hall table or console behind a sofa and add a lamp, books, and objects
  • use art and mirrors to delineate spaces
  • paint different hues of the same color in different areas

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start looking into new ways to make your home feel more spacious.

By cutting multiple rooms into one, you will lose some of the convenience of separate spaces. But, having one larger space can often benefit you a lot more. And, it usually looks nicer, too.

open plan paradise

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