Noise dampening tips are what you needed when, as a kid, your parents calmly or increasingly loudly asked for “a bit of peace and quiet”.

As an adult yourself, you realize what your parents were after. The desire for a little silence and tranquility is something we all feel. As to whether we actually get it… well, maybe, if we’re lucky!

The key when you’re looking for a little more peace and quiet is to realize that the most important word in this sentence is more. There’s no way to get absolute peace and quiet, outside of an anechoic chamber. And those are frankly inconvenient and tough to live in – so instead, let’s work down a list of ways to increase the duration of those peaceful spells.

noise dampening tips

Noise Dampening Tips for Electronics and Machines

1) For one day a week, ban screens – no TV, no phones, no laptops, no ipads. Instead, relaxed chatting and crafting rule the day.

2) Headphones. Kids are going to want to listen to music; so are you. Respect the fact that noise carries and buy everyone a reliable set of earbuds. Keep spares, because they probably will get lost!

3) Watching sports can be great, but do you always need the commentator? Sometimes they can even distract from the enjoyment. Mute them.

4) Check your appliances. Dishwashers, fridges, and even washing machines can be quieter than you might expect if you find the right variety.

noise dampening tips

Noise Dampening Tips when Building or Redecorating

5) Build your own home somewhere less crowded. It’s cheaper than you might expect, and when you see the display homes showing what others have done, you’ll be itching to escape to a paradise of your own making too – and no neighbors if you don’t want them!

6) The moment a household pipe starts to heave, bang, or pop, get it seen to. A problem like this will just get noisier until it outright breaks completely.

7) Lay carpet in your home. It dampens noise from footsteps.

8) Plant trees and tall shrubs in your garden. These will have a dampening effect on external noise.

9) Go around every door and check them. Some may need oiling; others might need outright replacing, but sorting these problems out can cut right down on excessive noise.

10) Cupboards and wardrobes apply to the above too. If it has a hinge and hides things when closed, then it’s a door. Try and choose doors with soft-close hinges.

11) Close the bathroom door when running water – i.e. with the sink, bath, or flushing the toilet.

12) Foldable screens that can be moved into place will have the same noise-dampening impact indoors as trees do outdoors.

13) When things are quiet at night, listen for squeaky floorboards. Fixing these will make an overall impact that might surprise you.

noise dampening tips

Noise Dampening Tips for People and Pets

14) Set an example by lowering your voice when talking indoors. If a child needs to be told off, count to ten, and then admonish them in the quietest, gentlest way possible.

15) The kitchen is possibly the noisiest room in the house. Pots banging, extractors whirring, ovens humming – the whole thing can be quite the cacophony. Twice a week, have salad or cold cuts for dinner and reduce the noise levels.

16) If you have a noisy pet, look at the reasons pets make excessive noise. A few changes to your pet care regime might make a huge difference.

17) Finally, if you don’t have a “no shoes in the house” rule, implement one immediately.

noise dampening tips

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