This time of year is often a bad mix for fashion. One minute, you’re stuffing your face full of Christmas chocolates. The next, you’re staring down the barrel of New Year.

At the time of year when you’re feeling your most bloated, you face having to squeeze into the skimpiest dress you own.

As you can imagine, this doesn’t always go to plan. Many a New Year fashion disaster has happened as a result of festive overeating.

Zips have come to horrible ends. Bulges have made themselves known where no bulge should be. Going into 2019, though, things are going to be different.

We believe that you can pull off that skimpy New Year number, and you should too.

In reality, there’s every chance that your festive snacking won’t do as much damage to your waist as you imagine. If it does, the following pointers should still be enough to see you through.


Leave yourself some wiggle room

One of your best options is to leave wiggle room when you stock up on that outfit in the first place. Don’t buy yourself a number which is so skimpy it barely fits now. That’s asking for trouble.

Instead, opt for the next size up, or at least something with room for growth. Play it safe by stocking up on plus size tights instead of skinny options. This is a small step, which can go a long way towards ensuring you look more than alright on the night.

Just like this, you remove the risk of not being able to get that zipper all the way to the top. You can even do away with the unfortunate food baby bulge we all know so well. And, with those risks removed, you’re sure to look very striking indeed.

Focus on accessories

Accessories hide more sins than you could know. A necklace just in the right place can detract from your waist. A belt around the middle of your dress could hold it all in. That’s why you need to pay a fair amount of attention to the accessories you choose here.

new year

Photo by Maël Renault on Unsplash

Given that these tend to be cheap, you don’t need to use everything you but. But, having a necklace which draws the eye to your cleavage could hide sins you have yet to commit.

That belt, too, could be a last-minute savior in your moment of need.

Try it on again before the night

For God’s sake, whatever you do, don’t leave that dress in your closet until it’s time to wear it. Get it out after the main festivities are over, and try it on again.

If you’ve put on any weight, you’ll be able to see straight away. This allows you to prepare for issues and settle on a solution.

It may be that you need to find a way to hold a little excess in. Or, perhaps you need someone else to help you get changed. Either way, preparation is your best chance of avoiding disasters on the day.

Header Image: Photo by Sabina Ciesielska on Unsplash

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