Is new garage design on your radar? Either to demolish and re-build your existing garage or re-vamp the garage you already have? Well, there are a few things to think about.

The bigger the homes seem to be getting, the larger the garages need to be to store not only the cars, but all the other things we put in the garage in terms of storage. Which puts new garage design in perspective for existing AND new homes.

Building a garage isn’t anything overly expensive, but people are constantly seeking out the cheapest way of doing things now, and with good reason. Why pay more when you can pay less?

new garage design

So, how can new garage design help you??

A better entry

Nowadays, the most common garage is a large one facing the street, usually having its own entry to the house which leads into a foyer, hallway, or laundry. People seem to like this because they have easy access which is secure and convenient.

A garage with internal access to the house is a bonus when it’s raining, when it’s dark, and when you have armfuls of groceries, or children, to get into the house. This type of new garage design is best for the security of you and your home.

new garage design

Getting bigger all the time

Garage sizes are constantly increasing, so when looking at metal buildings for sale, you will want to already have an idea in mind of the kind of size you want. Otherwise it may be too overwhelming trying to figure out what you want.

Measure up next to your house, or wherever you plan on having the garage, and try and visualise how it will look. Consider the space you have to work with but also council approvals and the space you actually need.

What will you need to store? A car or two? Motorbike or cycles? Household goods? What will need to be ‘parked’ on the floor and what can be stored in shelving, cupboards, or in th ceiling space? The size and use are primary new garage design considerations.

new garage design

Attached vs Detached

Having a garage that is attached to the house is very useful, especially when the weather is against you because you don’t have to risk getting wet or cold walking to and from the garage.

Having said that, it does limit the new garage design that you want. Because essentially a garage is stuck on the side of your home, you don’t have the freedom that you would have it it was detached.

So it depends what your priorities are – efficiency or design?

new garage design

Prepare for the elements

This will all depend on the geographic area in which you live. If you’re used to hot, dry weather throughout most of the year, then this doesn’t really apply to you.

But if you’re prone to rain and snow, then you’ll want to bear this in mind when thinking about what kind of new garage design and material will be best for you.

If it snows a lot, then you’ll need to leave enough space for you to clear it all so that no doors can get stuck.

new garage design

Looks matter

Garages used to be the things in which we kept our car, or random items that didn’t have another place to go. But people are really starting to take pride in their garages, just as they would their home, so the new garage design really does matter.

Use it to show off your personality a little, and don’t be afraid to paint it another colour other than magnolia or beige!

And don’t forget the doors – people really underestimate the power of a door, but it’s the first thing people are greeted by. If you’re not feeling the typical large, bulky garage door, why not get two doors that open out with a wooden frame and glass panels? (Classy much?)

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