It can be a conundrum; new build or fixer upper. What do you do? Here are some pro’s and con’s to help you think it through.

When you’re looking to buy your first home, or sell your existing home and move elsewhere, you’re often faced with quite a tough decision. Not only do you need to start looking for a new home, ensuring that it’s in a location you love and ticks all of your home buying boxes, but you often have to decide between buying a new build, or a fixer upper.

New builds have their appeal for obvious reasons – but so do fixer uppers if you don’t mind a bit of work. If you’ve been torn between both decisions, it’s time to pick a side and weigh up the pros and cons.

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New Build: Everything’s New

When you buy a new build, the biggest appeal is often that everything is brand new. New build properties do come with a lot of benefits, but being brand new is often a deciding factor for purchasers. It’s nice to know that you’re the first person (or people) to live there. Sometimes, if you buy early on in the development process, you can also have a say in what fixtures and fittings are applied, allowing you to completely tailor the property to your taste.

Fixer Upper: You Can Make Everything New

Although a fixer upper requires a lot more work than a new build (which should require none), the option also has its charms. When you buy an old property, you have the choice to make everything about it brand new – inside at least. Renovating a home can take a lot of time, effort and money, but it can often be worthwhile if the property is in a location you love, comes with a lot of land, has excellent room sizes, or even if it has a lot of potential for future expansion.

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There are also less expensive ways to create a new home, such as painting. Even first time painters can achieve a great result with a few expert tips. It could be that you decide to renovate the wet areas – kitchens and bathrooms sell houses – and simply paint, and add carpet and drapes to the other rooms. With advice and inspiration, you’ll be styling your home.. your way in record time.

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New Build: Question The Quality

A negative for buying new for most people often centres around the quality. Of course, this will vary by developer, location, and property, but new builds have earned themselves a bit of a reputation for being of a poor quality. Whether this is because of the size, the layout, or even the materials used, it’s something that you will need to consider when you look into buying a newly built property.

Fixer Upper: These Things Take Time

But, fixer uppers also have their negatives. With a new build, you can often move right in – but that’s not necessarily possible with a fixer upper (unless you want to live in rubble without a bathroom). In some cases, the property will be liveable, but your standard of living will have to adjust while building work and renovations go on around you – because it will take time.

You can often be left with a lot of mess too, so it’s good that sites like can help you with disposing of building waste and any other rubbish or unwanted items cluttering up the place. A few common things you might need help disposing of including old ovens, refrigerators, as well as timber, bricks and pavers which you no longer require. Disposing of these items yourself at the rubbish dump can consume hours and hours of your valuable time and require significant manpower, so calling in a rubbish removal company to promptly dispose of unwanted items can often be a worthwhile exercise.

For a fixer upper, you may wish to hire an Architect, Building Designer, Interior Architect, or an Interior Designer such as Darren Palmer to ensure you make optimum use of the space. These specialists will add great value but they don’t come cheap. Consult your budget, because if you are removing walls, adding rooms, or creating clever storage you’ll need a professional.

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So What Will It Be?

Now that you’ve weighed up some of the most important factors that we’re faced with when it comes to deciding between buying a new build property, or a fixer upper, it’s time to make your decision? Which one will it be?

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