Your neglected beauty could be the easiest thing to fix as we tumble into a new body-exposing Spring and Summer.

The world is obsessed with the next best thing in health and beauty – the next food fad, the new weight-loss plan or the new and improved skin cream. So what about the neglected beauty bits?

We obsess about the parts of our bodies the media tells us to – our lips, our hips, or teeth – anything that is deemed to have an optimal beauty standard. And through all that, we try our best to take care of ourselves, by eating right and working out.

neglected beauty


But there are still neglected beauty areas that you can easily fix from today.

Neglected Beauty: Back

Our backs are ignored a lot of the time, through skin-care to the gym. Our backs take a lot of strain – they support our whole being, when we carry things, when we hunch of a desk all day, it is our backs that suffer the most. Skin wise, how often do you properly use a body scrub or a moisturiser on your back compared to the rest of your body? This is purely because everyone, except contortionists, can’t reach their back properly.

When working out, there are some practices like yoga that address the muscles in the back, to stretch them out and make them stronger, go to to learn some basic stretches that will help to work out the kinks.

It is surprisingly common for the back to be forgotten in the pursuit of perfect abs. Remember that any strain that offers to your stomach makes the back work twice as hard to compensate.

neglected beauty


Neglected Beauty: Feet

We cram them into pointed shoes, high-heels, restricting boots, we let them languish in sweaty sneakers and let the nails varnish get chipped and old. A basic foot massage will show you how much you neglect your feet.

More nerve endings collect in your feet than anywhere else in the body, and reflexologists say that you can manipulate the nerve in other parts of the body through the feet. shows the different conditions your feet can get without proper care, and how they can be fixed.

neglected beauty


Neglected Beauty: Neck

The neck again spends its days bent over desks. And when you walk down a street, visit a restaurant or sit on the train, have a look at how many people walk or sit with their heads bent over their phones.

There are also a startling amount of people who don’t properly support their necks at night while they sleep. shows you ways of preventing neck pain at night.

neglected beauty

It is also rare to see people properly stretching out their necks before working out. Whether you are weight lifting or going for a run, your spine takes as much impact as the rest of your body. And the neck has less muscular support than the rest of the spine. Any damage to the neck can be incredibly serious – so why risk it?

And the neck has less muscular support than the rest of the spine. Any damage to the neck can be incredibly serious – so why risk it?

Think about those areas that may be your neglected beauty spots and start wokring to fix them today… in time for summer.

neglected beauty

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