If someone called your home a natural haven, what would you think? Does that conjure up an image of animals running free and plants getting out of control? That may well be a natural haven, but I’m talking about bringing the outdoors IN… into your home.

We typically think of our homes as a shelter or a natural haven from the outdoors. They’re places to keep us cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and dry when the weather is wet. However, there’s no rule that says they can’t do those things AND bring an element of the outdoors into our lives at the same time.

It’s easy to forget, but humans aren’t supposed to be indoors all the time. We belong in the great outdoors! As such, it can be a good idea to bring the natural world into our homes in any way that we can. But how do you do this? Here I explore some ways to create a natural haven in your own home… beautifully.


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Let There Be Light

Natural light makes everything better. It brightens our mood, makes our homes look fantastic, and all-around contributes to an energetic and pleasant environment.

Most people are able to let more light into their homes than they realize. For example, if you have outdoor blinds that hang over the top portion of your windows, then you’re missing out on an extra natural light source.

In the winter you may need heavy curtains. However, extend the curtain rail beyond either side of your windows. When curtains are open you can push them as far to the sides of the window as possible, thus allowing in maximum light. Don’t place large pieces of furniture in front of windows and ensure all bushes and trees are pruned back to allow in more light.


natural haven

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Going Natural

Our homes may look like a homage to modern technology, but there’s still plenty of capacity to incorporate natural elements. Take a look at your furnishings and flooring, for example.

Rustic wood flooring will provide your home with an authentic, outdoorsy vibe. Add rugs in textures such as cow hide, jute or knotty wool. Opting for pale colours – white, cream, beige, pale blue, mint, dusk pink, pale yellow – blonde wood furniture and natural fibre textiles will help create a relaxing natural haven.

Wood heating is also not only effective; it is a great mood setter! If you haven’t already, consider having a wood fireplace installed in your home. You’ll be a master of building fires in no time, and will be able to spend many an hour watching it burn and crackle.

Just add a glass of red and some runny Brie. Bliss!


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Plants, Plants, Plants

Plants are arguably the most underrated home addition! They add so much to the look and feel of a house. Get as many as your home can handle, and you’ll soon find that the air is cleaner and your mood has been brightened.

Indeed, there was one woman in New York who took this idea to the extreme; she got rid of her roommates and replaced them with hundreds upon hundreds of plants. Did she regret it? Most definitely not.


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Nature’s Accessories

While you can focus on the big areas of your home to make your property feel natural, don’t forget the small details. The small additions can make a big difference!

Instead of having manmade items decorating your rooms, take a look at things like seashells and pinecones. They’ll be fun to collect, and will look much better than any of the pieces you can buy in Ikea and the like.


natural haven

Feeding Into the Outdoors

If you have a garden, then let that naturally feed into your home. Installing and opening french doors will let in plenty of refreshing air, ideal for those hot summer days.

You’ll also be more tempted to go into your garden if it’s so easy, too!

Creating a natural haven is a very ‘Scandi’ thing to do. By adding natural fibres, pale colours and letting in an abundance of light you’ll be living like the Scandinavians. It’s no surprise they are amongst the happiest people in the world. Despite living in a cold climate where long sunny days are rare, and non-existent in the winter, their decor helps lighten the vibe.

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