Moving house is right up there amongst the most stressful activities in our lives. There is so much to think about, so much to do, and so little time to get a manicure.

But seriously, if you’ve ever moved, you’ll be aware of how much it takes over your life. It can be incredibly frustrating and stressful – not only do you have to spend a long time looking for a home, particularly if you’re buying instead of renting, but moving takes a long time itself; not to mention getting your stuff all arranged in your new place. Here are some tips on how you can move without shutting down your entire life in the process…

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Moving House? Use It As An Opportunity To Declutter

Most of us tend to accumulate way too much stuff over time. We have clothes that we haven’t worn in years, our surfaces are cluttered with knickknacks that we keep mostly out of guilt, and we have drawers full of things that we keep ‘just in case’ we might need it one day. A serious decluttering is required.

Let’s face it: there will never be enough costume parties to accommodate all the weird old-fashioned clothes that you’ve saved up over time, and you just don’t need all those old birthday cards from when you were fifteen. While you’re packing, try trashing and recycling things that you won’t need in the future – or alternatively, a few months after you’ve moved, there might be a few boxes that you haven’t unpacked yet.

Chances are, they’ll be full of things that you don’t need – be strict with yourself!

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Moving House? Hire Movers

Let’s face it, local moving companies know what they’re doing a lot more than you do, so it’s a good idea to get the professionals in. Not only will they get the job done quickly and efficiently, but they’ll also have the skills to make sure that all your fragile possessions get packed carefully so they don’t end up broken. They might also provide the materials so you don’t have to use days of your valuable time purchasing boxes and bubble wrap and taping up all your plates!

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Moving House? Have A Moving Party

If you’ve been horribly anti-social in the weeks before your move why not take your newly empty old place and have a party? Provide nibbles, drinks and pizza and invite your friends over to say goodbye to your old apartment or house. Just make sure that they don’t end up wrecking it – this would be a really, really bad time to lose your security deposit…

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Moving House? Prioritize In Your New Home

Make sure that you prioritize carefully when it comes to unpacking in your new home. Unpack what you need first – you shouldn’t spend days alphabetizing your books when you still don’t know where all your underwear and crockery is.

Make sure that you have somewhere comfortable to sleep on your first night in your new home. Check that you have enough provisions to last you the night, like toiletries, food, coffee and bottled water. You’ll also find it pretty handy to have clean towels so you can take a shower without having to dry yourself on packing paper afterwards!

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