Mother Earth – we salute you, and love you. So when it comes to our home life, we want to take you home and nurture you like you do for us.

If you’re planning to design your own house, then your mind will be abuzz with ideas. What will it look like? What materials will I use? To help narrow the choices down and focus your thoughts, why don’t you consider designing a ‘Mother Earth’ eco-friendly home?

It’s the future of housing and can offer a ton of benefits, not least ensuring that your carbon footprint is as small as possible. Below, we take a look at a few tips to ensure you build a home that’s perfect you and the Mother Earth.

Mother Earth

Go For The Right Size

Over the past hundred years, we’re equated prestige and success with the size of your home. The bigger it was, the more successful you were. While some people still see that as a true, there’s a whole movement that says “less is more”.

Building a smaller home that works for your needs will be better for the environment, as it’ll use fewer resources, and will also benefit you in unexpected ways, too.

For instance, you’ll have less to clean; you’ll be living a simpler, happier lifestyle; and you won’t have the space to buy loads of unnecessary products!

Mother Earth

The Right Materials

Not all materials are created equal. Some have a much bigger environmental footprint than others, while others are unsuitable for building purposes because they are not good insulation – heating AND cooling.

The materials will be divided into the structure of your home, and the inside. For the construction, take a look at tilt panels; they’re long-lasting, easy to maintain, and are effective at retaining the inner temperature of the home.

Inside the house, take a look at recycled products (these also make your home look cool!), and sustainable wood products.

Think of the Roof

There’s a lot of innovation surrounding eco-friendly homes. For the roof, you have two options: solar panels, or grass. Solar panels will allow you to have cheap, sustainable energy in the home.

A grass roof, to begin with, looks amazing, and is also really effective at insulating your property. Most people’s homes have a roof that’s dead space; yours will be a major player in your home, and Mother Earth wil bless you!

Mother Earth

Merging the Indoors with Outdoors

There’s more to having an eco-friendly home than just your environmental practices. There’s also terrific scope to make it look the part; to make it look like it’s at one with nature!

Have your garden space lead naturally into your home, and make sure you load up your property with plenty of plants and natural products. Use natural stones to create paths, recycled pallets for seating, and a firepit for cooking.

Mother Earth

Harvesting Nature

Finally, if you want your home to be a true friend to the environment, then you’ll want to make the most of the natural resources you’ll have all around you.

Have a rain tank installed so that you’re able to collect the falling rain, which can then be used for flushing your toilet and washing dishes. In your garden, set aside some space for a vegetable patch; even beginners can grow vegetables.

With the above tips incorporated into your ‘Mother Earth’ home design, you’ll have a house that’s a pioneer in environmental practices!

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